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1 day…Stone Mountain

We went to Stone Mountain and spent a few hours! It was fun! Here are the pictures!


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We had an amazing surprise 80’s birthday party for one of the guys who are full-time staff in the night watch. I don’t have the pictures yet, but I will soon so I will put them up! Here are pictures from our hang out time later in the night!

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All of the interns graduated on August 8th! 08/08/08! My roomie, Carol, surprised me by coming down from Burlington and coming to my dinner!

Here are pictures!

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Today was an amazing day. We had a sweet time of community communion. Then we headed off to a rooftop graduation dinner for the interns! Here are a few pictures from today!

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5 days left. This was our last Tuesday. This week is GBF so we have all-staff intercession on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 pm. Today during intercession all of the staff prayed for the interns. There are three internships here in Atlanta. The Pursuit Internship, Intro, and The Watch. So altogether there are 19 interns. So we all were getting prayer! It was amazing.

I was able to give my testimony about my internship and the house of prayer that I am full-time at, IHOP-AC, during an Encounter Service one night. Billy Humphrey called me up, so many people know that I am part of another house of prayer, and that I am going back there because the Lord is going to make us 24/7!

So two ladies started praying for me. I was so encouraged! I know that it is the Lord’s will for me to go back and stand on the wall there. I know that He has a strategic plan for why I am helping build that house. And I know that we are in a strategic location. In the middle of the Piedmont Triad area. The Lord just really confirmed and encouraged me in such an amazing way! I was so blessed! The Lord has zeal for IHOP-AC and I can’t wait to see all that He does! Things are shifting and shaking in North Carolina because of the prayers of His children!

I can’t wait to be back! Zeal for His house has consumed Him and its consuming me! (Ps. 69:9)

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It is really hitting us (the interns) that this amazing adventure called The Watch internship is going to be over. We’ve been spending as much time together as we can, and making memories. We had a couple of hours off tonight, after our last class of Cultivating Intimacy, and we got malts and went to the park and walked through trails. We even did a video. So when I get all of that, you guys will be able to see it! Here are the 6 other interns that have been with me these past 3 months.

Wesley: I am so privileged to be Wesley’s friend! We have had many amazing discussions on “radical” Christianity and what we think about it. Wesley really loves Jesus and he is passionate about the prayer movement! He is seeking to love God with a pure love and to die to himself! It is amazing to see Jesus in him! He is also really hilarious. We’ve all spent many hours laughing with him because God has given him the gift of making people laugh! Its so much fun!

Audria: She is only 17 🙂 but she is so mature in every way. She loves the Lord with all of her heart and soul and mind and strength! She is such an intercessor too! She has a heart for those around her, and I believe it is the Lord’s heart in her. She always brings a smile to my face, and we’ve had lots of fun dancing in the prayer room for the Lord together. We’ve been able to speak life to each other and to speak the truth of God’s words. She is set apart for the work of the Lord! She is so special and I love her!

Adrienne: This girl is truly wonderful! I have learned so much from her! She has taught me how to respect others, and to not always think about myself. This is very valuable! She has such optimism when it comes to everything. And she is totally open to whatever the Lord wants to do with her. It is so beautiful! She is allowing God to have complete control of her life and she is giving herself to Him with abandonment! It is a sweet aroma to the Lord! He is going to use her in the nations! Her prayers are shaking things even now as He prepares to send her out! I love listening to her adventures overseas and where the Lord has brought her! She is so sweet and beautiful and totally the Lord’s!

Joshua: Joshua is so adorable! He is so quiet but when he speaks he gets the point of what he is saying across exactly. He has so much wisdom and maturity at such a young age. He has so much talent in so many areas too! He has been the guy who records a lot of our sets in the night watch, he takes pictures and videos. He has really added a lot with his quiet presence to our group. He has shown me that silence is something to be valued! He is also very musically talented and the Lord has spoken so much to me through his worship! I love it and the Lord delights in it!

Dustin: This guy has so much strength. I have seen him persevere in the place of prayer and fasting. God has given him a lot of grace to go after Him. Its so beautiful to watch, as the Lord is transforming him into what He wants him to be. The Father really delights in him!

David: I knew him (through e-mail) before we ever met! So it was cool to know someone before the internship. He is so crazy passionate for the Lord is amazing! I love to see his zeal, to know God and to make Him known. He really makes me laugh, and I look up to him for the really long speech fast that he went on. He has the joy of the Lord on him, and he is so encouraging to us interns. We’ve really had a good time with our “God” conversations recently. Its been such a fun time!

This is my director!

Querida: I love her so much! She did an amazing job at leading and directing us. Always looking to the Holy Spirit for where He wanted to go! She made it pretty easy to live a life of consecration. This is an amazing internship! She longs and aches for the Lord and it causes me to long and ache for Him! She is so favored with the Lord! He just loves her so much! I look up to her and all she does! She is amazing!

This is my assistant director!

Nathanael: This man is so amazingly awesome! The Lord has done so much in him and made him into one of the most amazing guys! He has such a devotion to the Lord, its incredible. He is so in love! He also is very anointed on the piano and he can mix music. Techno music. He is the one who was inspired to do our “Techno Tuesdays”! I have had so much fun and freedom dancing to his music!

I love these people!

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Next Sunday at his time (3:50 a.m.) I will be sound asleep. Which means my season in the night is (temporarily) over. This is a really sad thing. I have come to love the night, and praying and getting to know God during this time. I love all my friends who are standing this watch. I am going to miss them so much! I am so proud of what they are doing with their lives and all that they are giving to the Lord. It is a huge sacrifice to stand in the night.

I will be here in Atlanta until the 15th, and then I will head up to Washington D.C. for the Call. Then I will be back in Burlington at IHOP-AC to continue to stand and minister before the Lord there! I am so excited!

I am so enjoyed my time here, and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It is so amazing to be in the center of the Lord’s will and allowing Him to do what He wants with me. I just pray that He will continue to give me the grace to follow His will, no matter what. I will write more with some highlights from the summer and some specific things the Lord has taught me!

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