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A few pictures…

Here are a few pictures since I’ve been home!


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Its all over…

So this ends one chapter of my life, and another begins. Its a bittersweet thing. I will dearly miss all of my very amazing new friends. But I am so excited to go stand on the wall and build His house in NC! Here is a picture of me now….I LOVE YOU all that were in the internship with me and who are still in ATL!

I’m hanging out with friends in ATL until Friday, then driving back to Burlington to drop off my car, and then a weekend in Washington DC for The Call! Woohoo! Then finally back to IHOP-AC! Yay!

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Next Sunday at his time (3:50 a.m.) I will be sound asleep. Which means my season in the night is (temporarily) over. This is a really sad thing. I have come to love the night, and praying and getting to know God during this time. I love all my friends who are standing this watch. I am going to miss them so much! I am so proud of what they are doing with their lives and all that they are giving to the Lord. It is a huge sacrifice to stand in the night.

I will be here in Atlanta until the 15th, and then I will head up to Washington D.C. for the Call. Then I will be back in Burlington at IHOP-AC to continue to stand and minister before the Lord there! I am so excited!

I am so enjoyed my time here, and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It is so amazing to be in the center of the Lord’s will and allowing Him to do what He wants with me. I just pray that He will continue to give me the grace to follow His will, no matter what. I will write more with some highlights from the summer and some specific things the Lord has taught me!

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I just posted this a couple of days ago, but I have some updated information. This story is being turned into a movie called 22 weeks. I am not sure when this movie is coming out, but I will definitely let you all know. You can get some more information by Clicking here.

I read a story today about a woman who was scheduled to have an abortion at 22 weeks, and delivered the baby ALIVE! The medical staff did nothing to help the baby survive. PLEASE PLEASE read this story! Go to the link below…read the story.  I will have more information out as I get it! PLEASE READ THIS STORY! Pray for the ENDING OF ABORTION! This article has published pictures of the baby. A PERSON IS A PERSON NO MATTER HOW SMALL! This abortion, this murder is legal! Look at this baby! He was murdered and our country is ALLOWING THIS!

Click here to read the story of Baby Rowan!!!

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