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Read Part 1 here.

This is team 1 and team 2 working on team building activities! The Lord was really dealing with me and exposing me and my selfishness during these activities! Help me, Lord!

This is me helping run games the 2nd week with Jeff. He is one of my best friends brothers!

We worked pretty well together…until…

There is one game where you call out random items for the campers to bring into the center and place in the game leaders hands.

Things like a braclet, toilet paper, hair, pastor, or earwax.

Well, without me knowing (since the translator was speaking) Jeffย  planned for all the runner who bring the things into the center to have them WIPE the EARWAX (from a campers EAR) onto my ARM!!!!!!!!

It was the most disgusting experience of my life, to this day. I was furious. I stomped off the field.

BUT Jeff apologized and I forgave him and got over my anger. It was actually pretty funny. The campers LOVED it.

Here I am watching intently to make sure no one is doing anything illegal during this game of crab soccer.

Romanians are AMAZING soccer players. And they were even exceptional in this special edition of the game! ๐Ÿ™‚ And it was pretty hilarious to watch all these big guys crawling around on the ground!

Katrina sprained her ankle really bad one of the last days at campe the 2nd week! We got to go to a Romanian hospital and they put a cast on it! But the worst part was that she had no crutches for the remaining time and had to be carried everywhere!

She was pretty happy to get back to US and get crutches!

The 2nd week of camp is always HUGE and has older kids. Some of these kids have been coming for 5 years or more! It is really incredible to see them year after year and to watch them grow in love for Jesus!

On our way home after camp and during our flights to the US, we had a layover in Munich, Germany….and while we were there….

We got to go into the CITY! We were only there for about an hour. But it was totally worth it to get to see Munich!!!

All of us walking and taking pictures! Katrina had to be carried because there were no wheel chairs available! The boys were a blessing, to say the least!

Girls in Germany!



2nd week was a week of exposure for me. The Lord was showing me MANY areas where I still needed to become like Him! But He really worked in me!

Not only that but it was incredible to watch the campers worship Jesus. Many were dancing and rejoicing and cry and just experiencing the Lord!

I got to pray and minister with girls almost every night and many got saved! There were also quite a few who were renewed in their passion for Jesus!

The Lord is so good to let us go and minister and share His love with the WORLD!

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Oh how much I enjoy posting fun and silly posts. They are sooo much easier. Haha…which is probably the reason I haven’t posted anything serious lately. I’m at a lazy blogging place…hopefully it will pass soon. Until then…here is ANOTHER not seious post. ๐Ÿ™‚

I tried finding a picture of my new and *awesome* bathing suit. But I could only find it on a model. And I don’t really want to put pictures of model’s in bathings suits on my blog. But maybe I’ll take a picture of it not on and post it after the beach or something. But I did get the amazing bathing suit. It covers EVERYTHING! Woohoo! ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like a one piece but it is actually a two piece, but not exactly a tankini. It’s black and white polka dot! Ok..enough about the bathing suit…on to more important news…



This is where I will be spending Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

I know I’ve written already a couple of times about my trip to the beach, but I am THRILLED to be going!!! I have NEVER been to a beach on the coast of North Carolina before.

The weather is supposed to be sunny/partly cloudy with NO chances of rain and highs of 75! It sounds like it is going to be PERFECT weather!!!

These are the girls that are going:

Jess 100_0010


Jess, Becky, me and Kirsten!!!!

Oh the fun that we will get ourselves into! Oh the love that we will sing to Jesus, oh the prayers that we will pray that shift the heavens! Oh the sun that will warm our skin, the sand that will get between our toes, the dresses that we will wear! Oh the time will be well spent together!

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I am feeling good yesterday and today! Praise the Lord!

I guess it was a 24 hour thing that I was sick with. Praise the Lord that He is faithful and I am feeling good!!


I have have a couple more days left before I leave for my road trip to Florida. Until then, my days are full of prayer room time with Jesus, wonderful time with friends, eating yummy foods and getting things packed up.

I like to cheat when it comes to packing. I usually do my laundry a couple days before, then I fold it all in my hamper, and put it in my car. And there it stays until I get home and unload. Easiest way to pack ever. Well, except that it is in the 30’s -50’s here in North Carolina, and it is not that weather in Florida. So I will have to adjust some. But still, I’m feeling good about my easy packing and my road trip!


Something else I’m feeling good about is worshiping Jesus! Oh man was today spectacular! We had to leave the actually physical room of the prayer room early today. They were installing a new sound system. So the 6 or 7 of us headed to a smallย  back room and decided to do prayer and worship there.

Well, my friend David Rickman who I posted about here, went to a house of prayer in California called the Refuge House of Prayer. Something they did there was have every person in the room sing through a chapter in the Psalms. He said it was awesome. So that is what we decided to do today.

Everyone sang, regardless of whether you could sing or not. It was powerful! We did it for about an hour and a half. We sang through chapters 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100. Each person did a different chapter. Wow was it amazing. We just sang scripture. It does something to your heart, because The Word is living and active!

A quick testimony of the power of singing the scriptures and to make myself vulnerable:

I was really struggling as we came into this meeting. The Lord was really showing things in my heart, and I was battling with taking every thought captive. Love was not in my heart in these moments. It was really awful. And I didn’t want to sing the Psalms. I can’t sing, and so therefore I wasn’t going to. So everyone else sang a chapter. And by the time they all finished like 6 chapters, my heart was completely softened. I had been singing and declaring the praises of the Lord and the goodness of the Lord and I couldn’t stay in the attitude that I was in. If I was, then it would be a conscious decision to not be in the Lord’s presence and I wasn’t about to do that. So I gave in and sang with the rest of them. Then we got to chapter 97 and everyone else had sang. And all of them looked at me. One gently nudges me with his foot, the other loudly exclaims, “come on, Manders!” I knew I was supposed to sing. I wanted to sing. The words already had the power to melt my hardened heart. But I cannot sing. But I had to do it, so after they encouraged me some, and the guitarist found a chord progression I could try to sing to, I began. And by the second or third line I was belting it!

There was freedom for me in this! By the end of it, I was intoxicated with the presence of the Lord. It was amazing! God is so wonderful and beautiful and I want to declare His works and His goodness to all people! He is amazing! He reigns over all this earth. Whether you want Him to or not, and whether you believe He does or not. His existence and position does not changed based on mere humans beliefs.

He is alive and He is reigning! Bless God!

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I am a disaster if Your Spirit doesn’t come!

This is a line that Gracey Guetterman sang today in the prayer room during her devotional set.

Wow its pretty amazing.

We all need God so desperately!

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Oh yeah!

I almost forgot to mention one of the most exciting things that has happened in a long time!

I am really trying to dedicate myself to learning to play the piano, because I would really love to play some devotional sets in the prayer room. I haven’t actually played any songs or anything but today me, Wesley and Jesse were able to play a set.

It was my first time, ever, playing an instrument with other people and singing. For about 30 minutes I played and sang to the Lord by myself. It was one of the most incredible moments of my life! I love singing and worshiping Him! And I was singing scripture and it just made it come alive! It was my heart and Jesus’ heart.

It was really amazing for me. I am really excited for the Lord to continue to allow me to grow in this new gift. I will have pictures up soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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About once a month the night watch has a night called Techno Tuesday. As the title states, it is on Tuesdays. Our assistant director for The Watch, Nathanael Flock, used to be a dj and is amazing at creating music. Especially techno music. So he makes music and sings scriptures and we turn the lights off and turn some strobe lights on and we dance and sing and worship and pray before the Lord! It is so much fun! I love it! Well I took a video of it…I have quite a few videos to post, but I have to upload them to YouTube first and then put them on here…so I’ll post them sometime when I get them all done. But here are some pictures of Nathanael!

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