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The Sacred Charge.

1) Pray Daily– 2 hours in prayer and the Word a day. Read the book of Revelation once a week for three years.

2) Fast Weekly- Setting our heart to fast two days a week.

3) Speak Boldly– standing as a Faithful Witness in allegiance to Jesus’ heart for the Church, Israel, and the nations.

4)Do Justly– doing works of justice focusing on the fatherless and oppressed.

5) Give Extravagantly– giving to the prayer movement. (beyond our tithe).

6) Live holy– walking out the sermon on the mount and keeping the purity covenant.

7) Lead Diligently– leading weekly prayer meetings and/or Bible studies focused on training forerunners.

This is the Sacred Charge. I know that the Lord has called me as a forerunner. To prepare the way for the Lord’s return and to prepare the  bride.

I have dedicated the next 10 years of my life to give myself wholeheartedly to this calling. “To not come up for air”. I will be 33 years old.

The next 10 years of my life are probably the years that will bring the most change. Possible marriage and children. But even in the midst of that, I will give myself to this charge. I won’t do it perfectly but I will continue to give myself to it with the grace and strength of the Lord.

Read Wesley’s blog to find out more.

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The journey to Kansas City started out kind of rough. An 18 hour bus ride in a 15 passenger bus/van thing. With 13 other people.

So you think you love people…until you are stuck with them for 18 hours. The Lord was really exposing my heart, on the way there and they way back. It really stinks. But praise Him that He is faithful to do something good with this depraved person.

Once there we dived right into the presence of Jesus. It was incredible! Night and day worship has not ceased for 9 or 10 years. (Can’t remember exact number). This is a dwelling place of the Lord’s presence. I know He enjoys manifesting Himself in that place because He is so loved and wanted and desired!

We had 4 sessions a day, with different speakers. We studied the book of Revelation. It was insanely powerful! God is doing something in this hour in which we live, and He is doing it because HE IS COMING BACK!!!! If you did not see this or don’t know what I am talking about you can watch it for free HERE!!!!!!

(There are a few topics that I want to cover over the next few posts. Things such as the first commandment, the Sacred Charge and the end of the age. I’m not going to do it in this post. Just give you an overview of what went on.)

I felt like I was on overload. But I know that the Lord was planting seeds in my heart that He was going to cultivate. He had things that He desired to share with me.

I do have to say though, that it was one of the driest times for me. With feeling the Lord’s presence. I knew without a shadow of a doubt He was there and He was moving. But I couldn’t feel Him. But it didn’t matter because He is amazing and worthy whether I feel Him or not. I knew I was there for a reason, and that it was going to be life altering.

In spite of the exposure of my heart in the lack of love I have for others, and the dryness, it still was the best conference I have ever been to! I praise the Lord for the opportunity! He is doing something bigger then ever before. He is preparing His bride for what is to come. And I know I am a part of it. I have to be, because He has called me to be. I have to do what He says. It is my greatest desire!

Check back for more updates coming soon!!!!

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