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We are launching a 3 week fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 by December 31st. We need this to finish out our commitments for 2010 and also help bring sustainability for the 1st 3 months of 2011.

Would you consider partnering with us in reaching our goal?? This is the first step into sustaining IHOP-AC and build towards 24/7 prayer in Alamance County, NC!!!

You can donate in 3 ways:

-Online: www.IHOP-AC.org

-Mail your check to:


P.O. Box 113

Burlington, NC 27216

-Cash donations can be made by contacting me!

Your donation to IHOP-AC is a tax deductible contribution.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and your desire to be a part of something that the Lord is doing!!!


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**I accidentally posted the last post unfinished! I finished it and so now it makes much more sense! 🙂


Today I have had a burden.

I have felt the compassion for another person rise up in my heart.

I have felt the concern.

I have felt the overwhelming desire for everything to be right in that person’s life.

I have felt urgency for God’s will to be done.

For God’s voice to be heard.

For God’s heart to be seen.

I have felt love overtake me and cause me to say, “Oh, God!”

When I feel these things, only one thing can be next.

For prayer’s to bubble forth from my mouth.

To turn all that I feel into intercession for that person.

Because I KNOW only One person can answer these things arising in my heart

I can ONLY call on God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, to make things right.

So today, my heart is heavy and burdened. So I am giving my burden to Him!

He loves this person more than I do. He wants all of the things I am asking for more than I do.

So have Your way, God!

I love that I can feel the burden for another person and pray and know that things can change!

Are you pouring out your burdens before Him?

Matt. 11:28-30

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This interview is from a couple of years ago…enjoy getting to know David Rickman!!! 🙂 I’m posting this again for those who are checking here from my newsletter!


This is my next interview of the IHOP-AC staff members. I did my first one about a month ago on our Director, David Gordon. You can click here to see that one.

David Rickman: Intercessory Missionary at IHOP-AC


This is David Rickman. He is 23 years old. He has an associates degree from Liberty University.

He is a full-time intercessory missionary! He has given his life to standing before the Lord in intercession and ministering to the Lord in intimacy!

I was able to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about his life as an intercessory missionary.

How did you get involved in the prayer room?

I started really pursuing things in the Lord in a new way in 2003, this was a real season of hunger. (At the age of 16…I wanted to add that because he really knows Jesus and its because he started at a young age.) In 2005 David Gordon took me to IHOP-KC for a conference. I knew I wanted to give my life to this, though I didn’t really understand it. The 2006-2007 school year I moved back to Burlington, NC (where he is from) and I joined David Gordon in prayer meetings in the mornings, from about 8-12. I also did online classes until my schooling was finished. Then I began to pursue the prayer room full-time. I have been living this lifestyle since August 2006.

What impact has being an intercessory missionary had on your life?

Spiritually it has had the impact of me daily growing in the knowledge of God and growing in the word and prayer. Encounter transforms every area of your life. This lifestyle requires lots of sacrifice in other realms of your life as well. Such as relationships, money etc. Because when you put yourself before God you see His worth in a new lifht and you begin to come into agreement with Him in a greater level and your love for Him grows and by seeing who He is your whole life shifts. Your identity is formed in this place. The way you see other people is shaped by how God sees them because you are coming into agreement with God.

What are your “roles” at IHOP-AC?

My identity and function is intercessor first and foremost. In intercession I partner with God’s heart in releasing His purposes in the earth. I also minister to the Lord and from that place of intimacy I exercise His authority that He has given me, through prayer. I am also involved as a worship leader. I minister to the Lord before the people in the prayer room. And lead them in worship during intercession sets and during devotional sets as well. I’m involved in teaching at The Way School of Ministry on occasion. I also have other administration responsibilities. (Side note: he did not want to list them all, but basically he does almost everything from printing all the notes for all the classes and EGS to designing logos and making videos. We don’t know what we’d do without him!)

What would you say to someone who was considering living this lifestyle?

There is nothing more noble to give yourself to. In doing so you are giving yourself to something that affects change on the earth. The primary reason night and day prayer exists is because Jesus is worthy of it. That has to be the vision that sustains you in this lifestyle. Because when we stop seeing Him as worthy then living this lifestyle becomes irrelevant.

What aspect of being in the prayer room is your favorite?

I would say I love encountering the Lord in the place of intimacy, meditating on the word and singing it, and letting that word become alive within me. And from that place speaking those words back to Him in intercession and partnering with Him.

What is the hardest?

Barrenness, when you feel like God is not in the room and you are plowing ground in the Spirit. Thats hard. Also, when you see your darkness brought forth in His light.

What is one of your favorite verses?

John 17:24-26. It is the mission statement of Jesus. His prayer is going to be answered and I am just positioning myself to be a part of seeing that come into fruition. To be with Him where He is- to partner and agree with His heart. To see His glory- to encounter Him in all of His beauty and by doing so loving Him with the love that the Father loves Him.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Psalm 132. “Until I find a dwelling place.” I will be faithful until….


Thank you David Rickman for sharing with us!

We praise the Lord for David Rickman and all that he does for the Lord at IHOP-AC. He is a man of the word and he has so much revelation of it that you know he spends hours in the presence of Jesus. It just amazes me!

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Love-Part 2

How can You say, “Return to Me.”? Does that mean you want me even though I am so dark? How can You be so good? Really? You want me to come back? Even though it seems that I don’t love You? Do You know I really do? Because I really do. Do You see deep down in me that crazy thirst I have for You? I know I will never be satisfied any where else! You do want me to approach You boldly? I can be confident? So You aren’t really like what I thought? It seems I’ve thought wrongly about You! Of course You knew who I was and the mistakes I would make before You chose me, and You still choose me? What kind of God are You? You are gracious, compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness! How could I have forgotten!? You are love and if You are love, then how could You NOT love me? It is in Your character and nature to call me lovely! If you would not love me, then You would not be God! So You do love me, don’t You? Oh what a wonderful thing to hear! This is why I can approach You boldly! Love covers a multitude of sins! O Lover of my soul, let this truth and declaration of Love, that You are, would seep deep down into every fiber of who I am. That I would believe You! You forgive me! You are the God that says “Return.” and “Come to Me”. Here I am, my Jesus. I return! I come to You! I can only be satisfied in You! Oh that I would continue to see You rightly! You are love and You are in love with me! You have ravished my heart, my Beloved.

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I love you. Simply. Complexly. But Lord, words seem so fake. Words seem so easy to say but hard to do. I write, endlessly, of my love and devotion to You. For 5 years now. But then I can still do the exact opposite that I write. How can this be? Why can’t I live the standard, consistently, that I so desire to? I know it is possible. but why did I fail? Why did I give in, when my greatest desire is to be HOLY AS YOU ARE HOLY? When I say I love You, I mean it. But didn’t You say, “If you love Me, obey My commandments.”? So wouldn’t my lack of obedience, therefore, proclaim “I DON’T LOVE YOU!”? How can it be then, that You say, “Return to Me.”? I have forsaken You, the fountain of living waters! To hew for myself broken cisterns that hold NO WATER! It would seem to me that I should run in shame from the Holy One. That I should do time away from You until I am “good” again. Or if I do approach You, shouldn’t it be that I should do what I can to make up? Wouldn’t that be what You want from me? More prayers, more scriptures memorized, more songs of worship sung? Because You probably can’t stand me, You’ve seen the darkness in me. Let me try to cover up, Lord! You didn’t know I was like this, did You? When You let me enter Your kingdom, I’m sure You were expecting perfection. I know, I’ve shattered all Your thoughts of me, right? You can’t really love me knowing all You know about me. How can You love me when my heart has betrayed You? When I’ve broken the promises I vowed never to break? O Lord, how could You really love one such as me?

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Day two (in my favorite song a day for a week posts) brings us the song “A little longer” by Jenn Johnson!

The first time I heard this song was in the basement of a house I lived in 2 years ago, in Lynchburg,Va. I remember it so clearly! My friend Gracey and I would go down there to pray and worship. I went down there to meet her one day in January of 2007 and she had made me a cd with songs on it.

This song was on it! When I listened to it it changed my life!

Seriously. I was at this place in my life where I just couldn’t “do” Christianity anymore. I was tired of trying to be a Christian and failing so many times! But the Lord had begun to work in me and started teaching me to stop striving and just “be”. Let Him have His way with me, and stop doing it in my own strength.

Christianity isn’t about a list of rules that we need to accomplish and check off. Oh no. Its about a relationship with the greatest Man ever. And the greatest thing is that we CAN”T do it or make it or be good enough! We have to let Jesus do it! He has washed us clean, He makes us good! Its all about Him!

I just need to stop “doing” so much, and sit with Him! Love on Him a little longer.

Don’t we all need to stop being so busy and just love Jesus?



Next up I want to let you guys know that my newsletter for April is ready!!!!




And a sweet baby girl passed away last night. Her name was Kayleigh. Please check out her blog, pray for her family, maybe leave them a comment and encouragement! They need it right now! And they love God so much, it is an incredible testimony.

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I have taken up drawing recently. I have drawn about 5 pictures in the past couple of days. This was the first one I have basically ever drawn with a pencil. This picture represents the burden in my heart for the women who are in sex slavery. On the right side I wrote “Set the captives free!” This is what I am praying for!

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