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NY here I come! :)

me-and-al-2008Me and Allison, January 2008

I have some wonderful news to share. Well mostly its wonderful for me and my best friend, Allison. But I just can’t help but praise the Lord!

The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to fly to New York to visit her and her family and new baby girl Paityn.

I have been praying about when I should go, and the money for a plane ticket for a while now. Tuesday night I called her and left her a message saying that I wasn’t going to be able to come. But then the Lord provided, like He always does and I have  plane ticket for Friday morning!! I’ll be there by Friday afternoon and I’ll spend the weekend with them! I haven’t seen her for over a year and so I am very excited to get to visit and catch up. I am sure I will take lots of pictures of Paityn, and I’ll make sure to blog with pictures!!

I just love the Lord so much and just PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!! There really is NONE like Him!

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Thank you Lord for (in no particular order):


#1- Susan coming to NC!!


#2- My parents supporting me in all that I do!!!


#3- Tom and Becky Burns!

#4- Coffee to drink in the mornings


#5-homemade dinners

#6- praying with friends

#7- fellowship with friends


#9- guys looking out for the girls

#10- LOVE

#11- hugs and smiles

#12- big dogs welcoming you home

#13- a working car


#14- Saints of old who wrote books that I can read


#15- The Carrs inviting me to IHOP-KC!!

#16- Jesus giving up His life so I could know and love Him!

#17- Jesus coming back to earth for His bride, so we can be with Him!

#18- people who read my blog

#19- The Holy Spirit

#20- Anointed worship leaders…such as this one and this one or this one or you know this one.

#21- anointed teachers/preachers

#22- prayer-that little measly me can talk with the Most High God!

#23- those who live a lifestyle of giving

#24- blank journals that I can fill up

#25- Forgiveness!!


God is so good we should be continually giving thanks!!!

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Sweet Izzy…

Me carrying Izzy in a moby sling

Me with Izzy!This is me having so much fun carrying my friend, Tiffany’s baby around. Her name is Izzy. She is almost 4 months old! She is so precious and I was able to spend some time on Sunday night with her. I was playing mommy. I put her in the moby sling and carried her around like that for a while. It was so fun! 🙂 Praise the Lord for babies! And praise the Lord for LIFE!

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I was in a terrible mood this weekend. It was awful. BUT God is so good. Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with Wesley to see some of our friends from IHOP-ATL. It was an amazing time! It couldn’t have been more perfect. And the Lord blessed me even in the midst of me being terrible. I love HIM! It makes my heart sing with love for GOD!

Two of our friends got married about 3 hours away from where we live. So we got to drive there and attend the wedding. It was the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to. Because the presence of God was there! We worshiped and He showed up! It was such a beautiful picture of Jesus and the Church! (Eph. 5)

I will have pictures coming soon as I get them from other people. Our friends prophesied over us and prayed over us and just encouraged us with their words! The Lord was truly speaking through them right to our hearts. My weekend was turned into JOY! Because in His presence is FULLNESS of JOY! WooHOO!

So I love the Lord. Without Him I would totally be in a pit of despair. This world has nothing to offer, and I would be miserable with out Him!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot…

My car broke down on the way back from the wedding! On the way there my battery light came on. I thought that was a bad sign but nothing else happened. Then I was afraid my car wouldn’t start after the wedding but praise the Lord it did!

But as we were riding down the highway a couple of miles, the lights began to get dimmer, and then my speedometer stopped working and all the inside lights shut off. Then my blinkers stopped. By this time I am pulling of an exit into a gas station. Me and Wesley were praying over the car. We pull in and I shut it off, and it won’t start again. Which is what I thought would happen. So me and Wesley go into the gas station and Wesley proceeds to ask in a very loud voice from the front of the door…”Does anyone have jumper cables?” And these two guys said they could help us. So they took a look at my battery. It seems that the connection was bad. So they fixed it up and charged my battery and my car worked perfectly the rest of the way home and still is working today!!!! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! 🙂 He is so amazing! And so faithful!

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New Apartment!

Yesterday I moved into an apartment with my friend Carol! Its really her apartment and she is supporting me by letting me live with her! She is an amazing girl! We have had quite some conflict with being able to move in. The apartments are newly remodeled and it has taken them about 3 months longer then they originally told Carol. But the Lord is amazing, and we moved in and slept there last night! I have been staying with a family whose son is David Rickman, an intercessory missionary and worship leader at IHOP-AC. The Lord has been so faithful to provide every need that I have!

I will have pictures up here soon of our quaint little place! Praise the LORD THAT HE IS SO GOOD!

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Yesterday IHOP-AC took a field trip down to Charlotte, NC to Zadok House of Prayer. We had an amazing time just sitting before the Lord in prayer and worship. It was a long day, but well worth it. We stayed until about 10 and as we were getting ready to leave a couple of us went into the book store. I saw a book that I had been wanting for a while. It is Billy Humphrey’s book “The Culture of the Kingdom”, a book written on the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle. And so I was going to buy it, but a friend took the book and said he would buy it for me. And the same moment my phone rang and my dad told me that my parents wanted to buy me a laptop for my birthday! THIS IS AMAZING NEWS BECAUSE THESE ARE TWO THINGS I HAD BEEN ASKING FROM THE LORD! I had asked the Lord for the Billy Humphrey book as well as a laptop. In almost the exact moment both of those prayers were answered! This morning in the prayer room I was praising the Lord for what He had given me, but not just because I received those two things. But because in Matt. 7:7-12 Jesus is talking about how God wants to give His children good gifts if they ask! ANd here God is giving me gifts! HE IS WHO HE SAYS HE IS! He is a Father who gives the PERFECT gifts to His children! He is truth!

 My next prayer was that I wouldn’t just remember how amazing He is during the joyful times, but that no matter the circumstance or situation, GOD IS STILL WHO HE SAYS HE IS! Wow…there is none like God.

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