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Romania Pictures Week 2


We played volleyball all the time. Romanians are AMAZING at basically ALL sports! This is me jumping…and I’m pretty sure there is no ball coming…oh well…:)

horse!!We definitely thought that these horses were…wild…but they weren’t. Someone around this camp property owned them and they wandered around in the pack eating the grass. This one actually got loose and was really annoyed about something. We followed him…from a distance…and he went back home himself.

small group with girls

Me, Hannah and Katrina helped lead this small group of girls every day. We had a good time, it was very hard to get the girls talking and open. But by the end of the week the Lord was moving on a lot of them. It was really amazing.

Abby and IThis is Abby and I. They “adopted” me into their family so she is like a little sister! 🙂 This was her first missions trip and she is 14 years old! It really changed her life in an amazing way! I love it when God does things like that. Especially at a younger age! Keep her loving you Jesus!


Just a random picture of me sitting and hanging out.


This was mud games week 2 and I did NOT participate. That is me in the background with the hat on observing. That was all I was going to do this time. AND some boys put some cow manure in the mud and so it SMELLED TERRIBLE!! There was no way I was getting in that. But it didn’t stop those kids! They had a blast!

jumping for joy!!!!!

Me, Kirsten and Becca. This was one of our last nights there and we went out to dinner at a pizza place. It was such a treat and it was soooooo good!!! We were having fun outside taking jumping pictures. I think this is the only one that came close to getting all three of us in the air.

me and kirsten

This is when we were saying goodbye to the campers and to Bazna House of Prayer. They were the Romanians who helped translate and were just AMAZING we could not have done it without them!!


The last day we were there we went to a church service. It was all in Romanian except for the preaching, because our Pastor from here in America preached! It was really amazing, I LOVE being in church services in other languages and watching them worship the same wonderful God as we do!


Thats all the pictures I have of the trip. It was amazing, and challenging and maturing and hard all at the same time. God is amazing and I am glad that He could use me in some small way in another country bringing Jesus to people!!!

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travelingThis is the team on the way over to Romania! Want to hear a funny story? While most everyone used the escalators to go up or down levels, I would race them and use the stairs, to see if I could beat them. Some of the stairs were incredibly steep. One time, I think it was in Paris, I was racing down the stairs. But the first person from our team was beating me down! There were about 5 more steps left before I was at the bottom, so I jumped them all to make it down first! Well I made it before that person, but I hit really hard and I had my backpack on, so I dropped to the floor. Totally involuntarily. There were tons of people all around looking at me. And it did hurt, haha, my knees had carpet burn!

team pursuitAll of us in Paris! We had a four hour layover, and the part of the airport we were in didn’t have chairs, or benchs. So we found this staircase, and it had a platform at the top. We played cards, ate each others snacks (Paris is EXPENSIVE!), and napped.


Here we are again…this is the FUNNIEST picture ever! I think we were pretty tired by now…this is in Romania, but still one more flight to go!

painting with Katrina1

Katrina and I, first day of camp! We were put to work! 🙂 We were painting some pieces of wood that were going to be used for something…can’t quite remember what.

game leaders1

Here are the game leaders!!  L to R: Me, Dragos, Claudius, and Jesse. See the paper in my hand? Basically I wasn’t a real game leader. I just kept track of the VERY important scores. One member from the winning team one an MP3 player. Which was a pretty big deal! 🙂

me, jesse, jen1

I just LOVE this picture. Thats why I’m putting it on here…no story. We just posed for a picture! 🙂

me, percida1

This is me with Persida. She is from Bazna House of Prayer. She is an intercessory missionary just like me but in Romania! There was a team from BHOP that were there leading the camp with us. They were AMAZING! God has anointed them so much! They had a HUGE impact on the campers AND the American team! They also were the ones that translated to us!

i think bugs

I zoomed in on this picture because its really funny. I think the reason I look like this is because of BUGS! The bugs there were crazy!!! We were outside like 90% of the time, and the bugs were crazy!!! This day the leaders were together having worship outside…and I kept getting distracted by the bugs crawling and flying around me.

jenandiLike the 2nd or 3rd day of camp, inspectors came to inspect the camp to see if it was up to standard. So we had to evacuate the camp. All leaders and campers climb up this mountain and played games on the top of it! It was really BEAUTIFUL! This is me and Jen, you can see some of the mountains in the background.

me in the mud

One of the days for games we did a MUD DAY! I didn’t play games usually because I was a game leader, but this day I totally had to participate! I can’t pass up MUD!!! This part of the game was to get as MUDDY as possible! It was SOO disgusting. My hair weighed like a ton, I could barely lift up my head, and it took FOREVER to get the mud and sticks out of it!

mud strength!

This was BEFORE the last picture. We had to put our hands in the mud pit, and our legs outside of it, and hit a ball with our heads through the OTHER players hands. Kirsten and I played against each other…this is my winning pose. Haha!

sadjenandmeWeek 1 of camp is over. Jen was heading back to America. We were sad. I think this is really cute.

groupweek1This is the last day. All of the leaders and campers of week 1! It was a blast!

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It was a pretty busy weekend last week, and a busy end of the week for me.

Here are some pictures of what I did and/or am doing! 🙂

me and katrina1

Katrina and I at our friends Kelly and Ben’s wedding this weekend!! I took my glassess off in this picture. And I like it SOOO much better then the next pictures with glasses.

Jen and I

I got to visit with friends that I don’t see that often during this wedding! Here is Jen! My closest and oldest friend from college!

me and katrina dancing


Then that night a group of us decided to head down to the Dance Barn. That is the official name of the place we went. It was very country, to say the least. There were professional line dancers and a live country band. Everyone was dancing, and I think we were the youngest ones there by about 20 years! And if you were a woman sitting without a date then men of all ages came up and asked you to dance. So I danced with 4 guys ranging probably from 17 to late 60’s. Haha…but it was fun. Here is me and Katrina swing dancing to country music.

me, jen and katrina

the dance barn

Here are the 8 of us that went. Although Katherine is taking the picture. The older woman and older man at the very end of the table were random people that we sat with. I feel bad for them! We were very new to this place and everyone knew it!


dance members

This is what I have been doing the past couple of days! I am been having dress rehearsal for a liturgical dance that I am performing in tonight! We are worshiping the Lord through dance! I have been taking classes all year and this is our finale. This is my first time ever dancing in my life, and some of the girls in my class are 10 or 11. Its very funny but I had a great time doing it! Hopefully next year I will get to take another class and keep learning!

Pray for me tonight that I will worship the Lord and not get nervous!

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us in the pool!

In the pool having fun, before we were sun burnt.

At an old house

This house is really old. So we went on the porch and took pictures in the rocking chairs! This is in Beaufort, NC.

Me and Jess with Becky!!

Me and Jess with our lovely host mom, Becky! She treated us to this amazing weekend and we LOVED it!

us again

Another picture in front of an old house. We had time to spare so we took a bunch of pictures.

My painted toes!

Random picture of my pretty painted toenails! 🙂


We are back from our beautiful beach retreat! I had an awesome time. I don’t think I had a favorite part, because I enjoyed the whole thing! We just relaxed, slept in, reminisced about our lives to each other,  shared story after story, laughed, ate lots of delicious food, played in the pool, almost burned ourselves in the hot tub, got too many sun rays, could barely move or walk or do anything after that part.

We got dressed up on Saturday for dinner and we went to this sweet little town on the water called Beaufort (and I heard A Walk to Remember was filmed there) to have a nice gourmet dinner. We got there a little early before our reservation so we walked around the town and took tons of pictures and went in little shops.

Then it was time to go eat dinner. We were hungry to. We get to this little place and we sit down and order our drinks. And we then start to read our menus only to realize that there wasn’t anything that we would really eat. And we didn’t want to waste the money on something we wouldn’t like so I mentioned this to Becky.

So she unashamedly walked to the host person and told them that we were going to need to leave because there wasn’t anything we would eat! So we took the “walk of shame” as Kirsten called it, and walked out! We weren’t sure where we were going to go but we needed something with a bit more variety.

We ended up at Outback and we all ate amazing meals that we absolutely LOVED! I had my FAVORITE meal ever! Lobster and their victoria filet steak! Oh my goodness, it was to die for! I haven’t had that meal in a couple of years!

Today we were so sunburned and uncomfortable that we didn’t even go to the beach! We just watched a movie and relaxed inside. Then we cleaned up our condo and hit the road! We got treated to yummy ice cream and candy on our way home too.

It was a great weekend! I loved it! The Lord is so good to us and we are tremendously blessed! Thank You Jesus for this amazing trip and all the little blessings that You shower on us! I love You!!!!!!!!!!!

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It has been a while since I posted a serious post. The last one was April 6th! I’m sorry about that. I even had a reader post a comment and say they enjoy my articles! (Sometimes I wonder if they are real readers or just posting a comment) but it made me feel better. And it even gave me an itch to get past this lazy blogging phase and into more deep and divine things! I write ideas down in my journal in the prayer room during the day, and highlight them in yellow. But I haven’t gone back and looked at those ideas for a while. It seems like it is about time. So I will…very soon.

****Oh and if you’ve seen me blog about Stellan before and I’ve  asked you to pray for him,well he had surgery yesterday and is doing MUCH better! Praise the Lord! You can go to MckMama’s sight to check out the newest updates!****


Tom Burns just had a birthday! I’ve written about him before, and mentioned that him and his wife Becky are housing me and Jess. She is an Immersed intern. They have been so wonderful to us! We are blessed and we love them and praise the Lord for them! Here are pictures from his birthday!!


Becky preparing the amazing steak kabobs!


We also had twice baked potatoes which are DELICIOUS! And not picture was the lemonade pie that fantastic and mouth watering!


This is the birthday boy! Tom Burns!

Tom and his new bird bath!

And his sweet wife bought him a bird bath for the backyard where all the gold finches play!


Here are some random pictures I just feel like posting! 🙂

pink leg warmers

I have leg warmers. I usually wear them just for the practical use of warming my legs. Here is my pink leg warmers. With a black dress and black leggings and red shoes. Not much of a fashion statement.

brown legwarmers

These are my brown ones. I wore them today. Why? Because I don’t have ANY clean pants, only capri’s and shorts. So I wore capri’s and added my leg warmers to keep warm. The flip flops looked way better then flats. So I went with it.

my crazy snow day outfit

This was a snow day back in Feb. it was cold in the house but all of my pajama bottoms were dirty (do you see a trend here? Yeah, I don’t do laundry very often) and so I put on shorts, but I knew my legs would get cold so I threw on my awesome green and blue striped knee length socks! They even match my shorts! The shirt was homemade when I was in 10th grade! Many years ago…

jess and i with our sweat bands

Another fashion statement…sweat bands. Oh they are so cool…:)

mom's b-day card

And one of my latest card creations…my mom’s b-day card!


I also have a pretty cool story to share with you guys. I got an e-mail from my friend Nathan who owns an amazing web optimizing company, and he sent one of is clients to my blog to learn about linking to websites and he likes what we are doing and decided to support IHOP-AC! Isn’t that awesome! I knew these blogs were good for something! He is one of Nathan’s clients and has a custom fabrication and welding service. So check out his website and support him! 🙂 Who knows you might need custom fabrication or welding services in the future! 🙂

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My NEW glasses

I purchased new glasses last week. They just came in today. The glasses are black in the front and bright pink on the inside and the side of the front. The ear pieces are black, white and clear strips. They are pretty cool, but despite that I hate, hate, hate myself in glasses. I go through an identity crisis almost. Except that now I know my identity is not in my outward apparence but in Christ, but I still think about not looking pretty.

The reason for the new glasses is simple. Contacts cost $320 a year. The glasses cost $94 and I can wear them until they break. I felt this was one area that I needed to be wise in with my finances and for the health of my eyes. Because I end up not having the money for the contacts when I need new ones and I wear the old ones for MONTHS when I am only supposed to wear them for WEEKS. So here ya go eyes, rest easy now.

I am praying for complete healing for my eyesight…would you join me? Praise the Lord!



I realized two things were lost today. It is always very disturbing to me when I lose something. It bothers me for a really long time or until I find it.

What I lost may not seem like a big deal but it is.

I lost my red pen that looks like this:


Now when I study my bible inductively (using a great bible by Kay Arther) I can’t mark certain things because I need my red pen. Red represents so many things. When I mark references to Jesus they are red, when I mark references to heart or love, they are red. When I mark references to Satan or demons they are red. Red is a really important color.

I also lost my phone charger. This is sad for two reasons. 1) My phone is going to die. 2) They cost money to replace. Pray that I find this lost item! 🙂

You don’t know how great things are until you lose them. I didn’t know a red pen was so important to me. 🙂

I’ve looked and looked, and I’m sure there are a few more places I can look, but it just makes me crazy not being able to find things. So reveal them to me Jesus!

Ok wonderful readers, lets hear from you. What do you think of my glasses? Leave me a comment and let me know! And you can be honest! 🙂

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My last traveling expedition landed me in Vernon, NY. Never heard of it? Me neither! 🙂 I went to NY to visit my best friend, Allison. She just had a baby Feb. 2nd. Paityn Ashlie. She is so beautiful and precious. So I was able to fly up and visit for the weekend.

And of course, God is so faithful. I didn’t have the money to go the Tuesday before I left (which was a Friday). I called my best friend and left her a message telling her that I couldn’t come because I didn’t have the money. And then God gloriously provided that night around 11 pm. I had the ticket the next day, only two days before I left to go. And the ticket price wasn’t outrageous, and it was cheaper then it was last year when I went! God is so AMAZING!

So I flew in to visit my best friend whom I love so much, and always refer to as “my best friend” and I sign cards and notes to her as “your best friend”. I love it! Here are some pictures from the trip!


My best friend’s family owns quite a few four wheelers as well as 79 acres of land. So we had the most fun ever combining the two! We went four wheeling and it was MUDDY! We wore rain boots and coveralls.


We got stuck quite a few times. This is the result of pulling and pushing each other out. And when I tried to push one out the tires just splashed the muddy water all over my face! But it was so much fun! We even rode the four wheelers down a creek and up the bank.


This is PAITYN and me! We had lots of fun together. I got to feed her, and change her diapers and change her clothes and hold her and rock her to sleep. Oh it was so great!


This is my beautiful best friend and mother of Paityn! I love her so much! We have been best friends since we were in 9th grade. And that was 9 years ago!! Before she was dating or married or having babies.


I thought this one was so cute because she is yawning! I love it!

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