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(***Originally posted in November of 2008)

David Gordon: Director of IHOP-AC

David, Tina, Mary Graceyn and Eli

David Gordon has a wife, Tina, and two children, Eli and Mary Graceyn.

He has been living this lifestyle for over 3 years now. Previously he was a co-pastor of a church called Life Fellowship. But the Lord called him to “Build an ark and preserve My people”. He has been giving himself to building a 24/7 dwelling place for the Lord ever since.

I spent some time with him today asking him a few questions. Here they are:

Why are you giving your life to direct a house of prayer?

It is out of a call of God. First it was an issue of desire and obedience. Now it has become a consuming passion of my heart. Jesus is worthy, and because of the neediness in my heart. This is why I do what I do. When I see the call of mine, and the connection to biblical scripture and what God is doing, I see how we are connected to what is on God’s heart.

How has this changed your life?

I have begun to live a life beyond a good external reputation of a “good” Christian, to having daily encounters with internal reality and encounter with the Lord. I feel like I am becoming authentic. The mask is being stripped off and I’m living fully alive before God and man. I have come to understand the significance of knowing my identity and my destiny, and this has brought me into wholeheartedness. I felt like, in the past, I was only touching a little of my destiny. It was a lack of knowing my identity. Now God has put them together in the prayer room.

What is your favorite aspect of this lifestyle?

Encountering God by way of the embers of a burning heart. Through the Word, worship, prayer, fasting and giving. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. So I’d say encountering God and having a burning heart.

Hardest aspect?

Living exposed before a holy God on a daily basis. Having my motives exposed, my insecurities and fears. Being confronted and exposed. It’s just hard. But I do it because I want to be authentic and holy in His presence. Being exposed leads me to encounter. That makes it worth it all.

How has this impacted your family?

I feel as a husband and father that God has called me to be the point man in my home. My lifestyle by way of example and by way of education to my family. We have begun to live a life of simplicity. It has not been easy to turn from the comforts of this age, but this lifestyle has really helped get in link with the heart and purpose of God. Because of prayer and crying out to God, the Lord began shifting the heart of Tina to home school our children 3 years ago and that has been tremendous to help develop us as a family together. It is an honor to see my family in the prayer room from time to time, knowing they are in the place of encounter.

What would you say to a family who was considering living this lifestyle?

Number one thing would be to know that God is calling you to this. Also, begin to come along side of a family that is living this lifestyle and start spending regular time in the prayer room. Being exposed to the prayer movement will prepare you for what is ahead.

And now a fun question…what is your favorite verse?

Psalm 27:4- “One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to meditate in His temple.”

Because everything I see in David’s heart is understood in this one verse. He asks, he sought and he was able to apprehend it. A one thing lifestyle. Ultimately, it is the revelation of the beauty of God in the place of encounter that sustains us. We cannot separate revelation and encounter.


Thank you DG for sharing your heart with us!

The Lord has used this man to impact my life in a tremendous way. If he had not obeyed the call to build this house of prayer, I would not be a part of it! He has helped shape all of us into the men and women, intercessors, bride that the Lord wants us to be. It is an honor and a privilege to follow such a humble man who desires God more then anything else in this world. He has given up everything to love God with all of his heart, soul, strength and mind. I love him and am so thankful for all that he does and continues to do! He has humbled himself from being a pastor of a nice size congregation to being a director of a few twenty-something year olds, who are mostly dropouts from college! (Just a note–none of us are ashamed of this, and are so thankful to be in the center of God’s will). But God is doing something huge with all of us, and He is doing something huge with the house of prayer in Alamance County. Praise the Lord!


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(This was scheduled to post yesterday. But it didn’t 😦 sad)


Woohoo! I didn’t know I was going to be doing this until a few days ago. But God has blessed me tremendously!

Me and a few of my friends left around 8:30 am. Not sure how long it takes to get there but I think we will be skiing from 11 till into the night.

I’m super excited! But I just realized I don’t have snow bibs. I might be in leggings and jeans and maybe sweat pants. Man. Pray for warmth!!! 🙂

And off I go!!!


So this post didn’t post. Man. Oh well. I had a great time with my friends hitting the slopes. We hit some of the smaller hills first because my friend David had never skied. But he was great at it! Then Carol and I hit the bigger slopes, we had a blast!

Some funny stories:

It was 53 degrees out at one point. We dressed for freezing weather and so we were sweating! No gloves, jackets unzipped, nothing on our heads. It was pretty great. But that meant there was NO snow ANYWHERE but on the slopes. And even on the slopes there were some places that were ground.

We skied for about 2 1/2 hours and then took a dinner break. On our way back up to the lodge I was walking in some borrowed snow boots, and the boot broke in half. It was crazy! Carol and I laughed so hard!

The last 2 1/2 hours were at night and the snow was a little icy. Carol and I hit some more big slopes but we both had a tougher time. I hit some ground (with no snow) and it stops you instantly and I feel on mud and rocks. It hurt. And another time I was trying to show Carol how not to fall, and I fell. We had a great time laughing.

Praise the Lord for friends and fun! I look forward to going again next year!

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Things are going great here in North Carolina.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I’ll get to spend it with friends. 🙂

I’ve been listening to Christmas music, makes me so happy and hyper.

I get to spend hours holding my friend Tiffany’s baby Isabella Grace, or “Isaboo” as I like to call her.

I spent the evening with my roommate, Carol, washing about 54 dirty cups that have accumulated in her car. Also, emptying about 5 bags full of clothes from her car and organizing it all on our couch, where it is still sitting. And trying to get her to get rid of it all. When you live in a studio apartment, you have to have priorities. I told her it was either me or the clothes, but one of us has to go. She said she would pick me. But luckily I’m not really making her decide.

I want God more then ever. I am not satisfied. I hunger and thirst for Him.

I want to give myself to Him in a greater measure. I want to intercede for my friends with authority that shifts things in the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

I want you to want God more then ever. I want you to not be satisfied with anything else. I want you to hunger and thirst for Him. I want you to give yourself to Him in a greater measure. Yeah, I do. Really bad. So I pray.

I’m in love with God, and God’s in love with me. This is who I am and this is who I’ll be. And that settles it, completely.

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It is getting harder and harder to keep up with this blog consistently. But I will press through and do it! 🙂 Here are some pictures of random things.

Wesley got his hair cut again! Now its short, for real!

The “bratpack” as we now call ourselves, did a face mask night. Yup thats right, even Wesley. He is such a good sport! We had fun, and we had super soft faces.

Some of the staff has been gone for the past 10 days. So me, Wesley, John and Gracey, have been holding down the fort at IHOP-AC. It has been great, but I have felt the weight of the responsibility of a prayer room, and being open for the community.

I taught a class in The Way School of Ministry. I taught on Preserving God’s People through our identity as sons, our identity as the bride, and our identity as priests. I had a great time sharing what was on the heart of the Lord!

Wesley preached during our EGS service on Friday night. Man, he did an AMAZING job! He brought a strong word on Contending for the Knowledge of God. That we would stop living a concept Christianity and begin to live in reality! Powerful and life-changing message!

I am now officially a North Carolina resident! It has taken me a while because of costs but the Lord has provided! I am now in the process of trying to get my car fixed and then getting my inspection. Praise the Lord!

I praise the Lord for my life and for all that He is doing! He is amazing!

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IHOP-AC was in the newspaper this morning! Some journalist wrote an article about the “House of Prayer” that is coming to downtown Burlington. He didn’t really interview anyone, so some of his facts aren’t quite accurate.

Click here to read the article.

We are not a church. We are a ministry. David Gordon isn’t our “pastor” he is our director. Also, International House of Prayer in Kansas City has no idea who we are. They aren’t our “headquarters” but we are modeling our house of prayer after theirs in many ways. Everyone who is a part of IHOP-AC goes to another church. This isn’t our church home. Because its not a church. We are a house of prayer. There are 6 of us who are full-time intercessory missionaries. This is our occupation and our passion. We desire to create a 24/7 dwelling place for God in Alamance County!

I just wanted to clear a few of the facts up. In case anyone reading the article looks us up on line and wants to find out more. If you are part of a church, coming to the House of Prayer does not make you a member. We just want to be open for anyone at anytime to come and worship and commune with God!

STOP IN anytime! We are currently located at Life Fellowship Church off of exit 150 on I-85. We will not be moving into the downtown building until construction is done.

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I’ve got a couple of really exciting things to post about today!

My best friend, Allison, is having a little girl!

Her baby is due Feb. 3rd, and she found out that she is having a girl! I am so excited and happy for her! I can’t wait to see Payton!

My friend Tiffany is having her baby, Isabella Grace somewhere in the next 48 HOURS!

She is not due until Oct. 9th, but she is dialated and the doctors said today that the baby should be here within 48 hours! She will have her beautiful baby, Izzy. I can’t wait! Babies are so amazing and a gift from God!


Tonight we were accepted by the city council in Burlington, NC to make residence in the building that is in our downtown area! I am so excited about this! It is an amazing building! And it is only a 7 min. walking distance from my apartment! Which means…..NO MORE DRIVING! I am walking or biking. We have a TON of construction work to do before we can offically be open and in the new prayer room, but we are that much closer! God is so amazing! Woohoo!

Praise HIM!

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IHOP-AC has started a chapter of Bound4Life in our region. It is called Bound4Life Central North Carolina. We went on our first “official” silent siege on March 15th! Four of us from IHOP-AC went back in November I think. This time we had 14 people! GOD IS SO AMAZING! He is showing people the burdens of His heart and they are responding! To see some pictures, and for more information click here.

I would encourage everyone to see if there is a Bound4Life near you, and get involved! It is amazing and I know things are shifting in the spiritual atmosphere over that abortion clinic!

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