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Today was an AWESOME day in the prayer room! I am not a singer but for an entire hour I was able to sing in the prayer room on the stage and SING to HIM! It was so amazing! I just poured out my heart in song and prayer. Just being able to MINISTER to HIM was so freeing! I was so full of the Holy Spirit! I was speaking truth, and it was destroying lies! I was able to abide in His love (John 15:9).  I can’t even explain it.

Misty Edwards has a song that is so amazing and describes how I feel. It says “I will take my passion and put it in a bottle just to break it at Your feet! I will take my affections and put them in a bottle just to waste them at Your feet!” Like Mary of Bethany in Luke 10:42. She wasted everything at His feet. And He said that it was the ONE THING necessary and He would not take it away from her! Wow! He is saying WASTE YOUR LIFE ON ME! He is so worth it!

Don’t you see, Beloved, the Father said “Ask and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance!” (Psalm 2:8) In John 17:24, Jesus ASKED! He said “Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given me, be with Me where I am, so that hey may see My glory which You have given me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” He is asking for His inheritance! He wants us to be with Him where He is. I want to come into the fullness of all that Jesus asked for. I will waste my life on Him! He deserves it! His delight is in His inheritance! Oh my goodness! That we would understand His love for us! We would live our lives completely different! I know I will never be the same. I cannot live life normally. I have to give everything to this Man. My heart is stolen! He has captured it! I am His only! Forever! My heart is a locked garden! No one else can have it! There will be no other lovers, for I have come to understand that try as I may to chase other lovers, I find there is no other but Jesus Christ. I am undone, forever lost in His love. I will do whatever it takes to love Him and live out His will for my life! There is nothing else I can do, and no where else I can go. He has the words of ETERNAL LIFE. He is the only way, truth and life. This Man who willingly drank the cup of death, so that we could have life. Jesus IS the Son of God. Who else but God would do something that is such a wonderful mystery?

I could go on forever, but you would stop reading the post. I think you get the point. Jesus Christ is the most amazing person in the whole world and I give my life to Him!

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I am currently in New York visiting my best friend, Allison. And I was just meditating on a passage of scripture this morning: Psalm 73:25-28. I was just ministering to the Lord, thanking Him for all that He has done in my life when I remembered this verse. Back in September and October the Lord was leading me through the wilderness. I asked Him to make me a woman of desperation and to reduce me to One Thing, and He was doing that. So I really clung to this verse. Especially verse 26 and it says “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” and then verse 28 says “But as for me, the nearness of God is my good; I have made the Lord God my refuge, that I may tell of all Your works.” So I clung to the promise in this verse. If I make the Lord God my refuge, I will make it through this time of trials and testing so that I may tell of all of His work that He did in me.

HE DID IT! I was sitting here this morning thinking, I haven’t spent as much time with Him as I wanted to, but this entire trip I have been telling of all of His works in my life! It is so beautiful. I have been able to testify of how GREAT my GOD IS!

He is the God that He says He is. His word is truth and I want to stand on it. And I’ve seen it come to pass in my life! Jesus is amazing, and I love Him more than LIFE!

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Every day I love to get on here and check my blog stats. Its a page that lets me know how many people have come to my page each day, who has left comments, where they have come from, if they searched a search engine, or if they clicked any links on my page. Its really interesting to see what people have been looking at.

So this morning I get on and I see that the Ministry to the Lord post had 4 views. I also saw that 3 of them searched on a search engine and came from there, to my page. So I went to google and typed in “ministry to the Lord” and my page was the 3rd one on the list. But what was more interesting was the 1st link on the list. This was an article by Watchman Nee titled “Ministry to the Lord”. I really like Watchman Nee’s work so I was excited to read it and see what he had to say. I just want to encourage anyone interested in this topic (which everyone should be) to go to this page. He says what is on my heart, in a much more clear way. So check out the link on the side of the page under articles! It is really good!

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This is the little bit I have come to understand about ministering to the Lord.

Ministry to the Lord is sitting down, and worshiping Him. Without any thought to what is He going to do for you. Without asking for anything from Him. Without worrying about others or situations that are going on. Sitting down and telling God how amazing He is. Bless the Lord! How often we worship out of other motives. When we minister to others, we are wholly focused on them, their needs and how we can encourage them. We, as the church, are neglecting to do this to the only One worthy of it! The church is teaching people to minister to people, but who is teaching people to minister to the Lord?  If we are to call ourselves “Christian” we need to minister to the God we say we follow. God is worthy of being ministered to with our whole hearts. Many times when I sit down with Jesus, I automatically start intercedeing, or asking Him to change me. But what if we spent most of our time worshiping Him, and those other things will come out of this place. Because we will see His heart for us, and for others.

In 1 Sam. 2:11,18 and 3:1 all mention Samuel ministering to the Lord. In 3:1 it says “Now the boy Samuel was ministering to the Lord before Eli. And word from the Lord was rare in those days, visions were infrequent.” Also, NKJV says “there was no widespread revelation.” And then in 4:1 it says “Thus the word of Samuel came to all Israel.” Out of the place of ministering to the Lord, the Lord spoke to Samuel, even though in those days this was infrequent! And then because of this, Samuel was released to speak to all of Israel. Wow. What power and authority. What revelation! But all it says that Samuel did, was minister to the Lord. He didn’t have a huge ministry with thousands of people, and he didn’t even go out to Israel, until he had revelation and the Lord released Him to do it. But his primary lifestyle was ministering to the Lord. And from this place he received revelation that changed a nation.

I am ministering to the Lord, because I want widespread revelation throughout this nation. I want people who know Jesus, to start living it, and people who don’t, to understand how much He loves them!

A New Testament example is from Luke 2:36-38. Anna. She was widowed after only seven years of marriage. And then she was in the temple until she was 84. 2:37 says “and then as a widow to the age of eighty-four. She never left the temple, serving night and day with fastings and prayers.” She was ministering to the Lord! She was fasting and praying. This is a radical lifestyle. She committed years to the Lord. Wow. And why was she doing this? Well the context of this passage is when Jesus was born and His parents are carrying out the custom of the Law, and presenting Him in the temple. 2:38 says, “At that very moment she came up and began giving thanks to God, and continued to speak of Him to all those who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.” She knew the Messiah was coming, and she knew when she saw Jesus that He was the Messiah. How would she know this?  Because of her time before the Lord. She believed what the prophets said.  She was serving with prayers and fastings! And because of this time before the Lord, she overflowed into telling everyone, who wanted redemption, who Jesus was! Her praying and fasting was a vital part in the first coming of Jesus.

I am ministering to the Lord with fasting and prayers now, because I want to be prepared for Jesus’ second coming. We are in the end of the age, and we need to be ready and prepared. Just as Anna was.

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