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Here are a list of links to blogs that I LOVE reading!!! 🙂


A mommy blogger, Christian and photographer! I love her writing and pictures!

Kelly’s Korner

A mommy blogger, Christian as well, she mostly just writes about her life as a stay at home mom of a toddler and with one on the way!

Kingdom Twindom

This is an amazing blog! This woman LOVES Jesus and she has this blog to inspire and encourage marriages. Her husband cheated on her and they have now been rebuilding their marriage for 4 years since that happened! Incredible testimony. And they have 5 children, two sets are twins!!!

Tatertots & Jello

This is a crafty, decorating blog! I love getting ideas!!

Chatting at the Sky

I just found this one yesterday, but I LOVE IT already. She is a Christian writer and her posts are soooo encouraging and glorifying to the Lord!

Lisa Leonard Designs

Love looking at her pics and she also has an amazing jewelry company! Hand stamped jewelry! Check it out for gifts!

The Nesting Place

A home decor blog! I love her style and ideas for decorating!

Julia’s Poppies Design

An awesome and creative photographer and designer! She is also soo crafty and has tons of DIY’s.


Well, I could probably keep going but I will just limit myself! Enjoy!

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It has been a while since I posted a serious post. The last one was April 6th! I’m sorry about that. I even had a reader post a comment and say they enjoy my articles! (Sometimes I wonder if they are real readers or just posting a comment) but it made me feel better. And it even gave me an itch to get past this lazy blogging phase and into more deep and divine things! I write ideas down in my journal in the prayer room during the day, and highlight them in yellow. But I haven’t gone back and looked at those ideas for a while. It seems like it is about time. So I will…very soon.

****Oh and if you’ve seen me blog about Stellan before and I’ve  asked you to pray for him,well he had surgery yesterday and is doing MUCH better! Praise the Lord! You can go to MckMama’s sight to check out the newest updates!****


Tom Burns just had a birthday! I’ve written about him before, and mentioned that him and his wife Becky are housing me and Jess. She is an Immersed intern. They have been so wonderful to us! We are blessed and we love them and praise the Lord for them! Here are pictures from his birthday!!


Becky preparing the amazing steak kabobs!


We also had twice baked potatoes which are DELICIOUS! And not picture was the lemonade pie that fantastic and mouth watering!


This is the birthday boy! Tom Burns!

Tom and his new bird bath!

And his sweet wife bought him a bird bath for the backyard where all the gold finches play!


Here are some random pictures I just feel like posting! 🙂

pink leg warmers

I have leg warmers. I usually wear them just for the practical use of warming my legs. Here is my pink leg warmers. With a black dress and black leggings and red shoes. Not much of a fashion statement.

brown legwarmers

These are my brown ones. I wore them today. Why? Because I don’t have ANY clean pants, only capri’s and shorts. So I wore capri’s and added my leg warmers to keep warm. The flip flops looked way better then flats. So I went with it.

my crazy snow day outfit

This was a snow day back in Feb. it was cold in the house but all of my pajama bottoms were dirty (do you see a trend here? Yeah, I don’t do laundry very often) and so I put on shorts, but I knew my legs would get cold so I threw on my awesome green and blue striped knee length socks! They even match my shorts! The shirt was homemade when I was in 10th grade! Many years ago…

jess and i with our sweat bands

Another fashion statement…sweat bands. Oh they are so cool…:)

mom's b-day card

And one of my latest card creations…my mom’s b-day card!


I also have a pretty cool story to share with you guys. I got an e-mail from my friend Nathan who owns an amazing web optimizing company, and he sent one of is clients to my blog to learn about linking to websites and he likes what we are doing and decided to support IHOP-AC! Isn’t that awesome! I knew these blogs were good for something! He is one of Nathan’s clients and has a custom fabrication and welding service. So check out his website and support him! 🙂 Who knows you might need custom fabrication or welding services in the future! 🙂

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I read a blog regularly called My Charming Kids. The author (MckMama) writes amazing and loves the Lord so much! Her son Stellan was diagnosed with a heart disease in the womb and was told he was going to die. Only by the Lord, he survived and was born and declared to have NO heart disease.

He was sick this weekend and they took him into the hospital and he went into SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia=very high heart rate) They have been trying since last night to get him out of it and it has been unsuccessful.

Please join me in praying for the healing of this baby boy. That he will get out of SVT and have his heart rate return to normal! God is in control and we look to Him!


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Stellan was born at 10:19am today, Oct. 29th!!! So far the doctors haven’t found anything wrong with HIM!!!! GOD is answering our prayers!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Visit the site to find out more!

Original Post:

Would you all pray for Stellan? He is a precious little baby who will be born tomorrow. The journey began when his mom and dad were told he would die at 20 weeks I think. But he is still alive, and will be born tomorrow. The doctors said he has an enlarged heart, so what to expect tomorrow, when he is born, is still up in the air. He will be born at 9:30 CST.

Lets all join in prayer for the miraculous healing of baby Stellan! God has already healed him this far, and He is in control!

Head over to Stellan’s mom’s blog!

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