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**I accidentally posted the last post unfinished! I finished it and so now it makes much more sense! πŸ™‚


Today I have had a burden.

I have felt the compassion for another person rise up in my heart.

I have felt the concern.

I have felt the overwhelming desire for everything to be right in that person’s life.

I have felt urgency for God’s will to be done.

For God’s voice to be heard.

For God’s heart to be seen.

I have felt love overtake me and cause me to say, “Oh, God!”

When I feel these things, only one thing can be next.

For prayer’s to bubble forth from my mouth.

To turn all that I feel into intercession for that person.

Because I KNOW only One person can answer these things arising in my heart

I can ONLY call on God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, to make things right.

So today, my heart is heavy and burdened. So I am giving my burden to Him!

He loves this person more than I do. He wants all of the things I am asking for more than I do.

So have Your way, God!

I love that I can feel the burden for another person and pray and know that things can change!

Are you pouring out your burdens before Him?

Matt. 11:28-30

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Today starts the Global Bridegroom Fast (GBF).

During our intercession sets for these days we pray for an outpouring of intimacy and love on the bride. That we would grow in LOVE FOR JESUS!

I really enjoyed tonight. And I really love that we are fasting this week, right before we celebrate the day that Jesus rose again! He is ALIVE! We can have a relationship with HIM! WOOHOO!

We prayed for God to pour out love in our hearts for His Son, like He has in His heart. John 17:26. Jesus prayed this very same thing. I WANT TO LOVE JESUS like the FATHER LOVES JESUS!!!! Oh this is the cry of my heart!

God has just been taking me deeper on this journey of loving Him. I know I write about it all the time. But it just keeps coming back to love! ITS ALL ABOUT LOVE! Do you realize this?

You are only here because your Creator LOVED you so much!!! And when we messed up the relationship, He sent His most PRIZED POSSESSION! HIS ONLY SON! This is love!

Do you know the way He loves you? Do you know how much YOU move His heart? If you are His child, He is RAVISHED by ONE glance of your eye! (SOS 4:9) When you look at Him and love Him, HE IS OVERWHELMED! When I think about this, and how much God really does love me and like me, I AM OVERWHELMED WITH LOVE FOR HIM!

Oh how His love for me moves my heart! 1 John tells us that we love because He first loved us.

Maybe you don’t know God, maybe you don’t love Him the way you want to. Well, do you think He loves you? Or do you think He likes you? Or is pleased with you? If you answer no, this isΒ  probably why. You can’t even LOVE God unless you understand His love for you!

I pray that this Easter, you will see what true Love is. He is true LOVE. What He did for you on that tree, where He hung bleeding, that was love. When He was pierced with nails and a sword, for YOU, that was love. When He was mocked, spit on, beat, for YOU, that was love.


Lord, overwhelm us with Your love! Move our hearts to love you more! I pray that we would understand how much you really love us and like us! Show us God! Reveal it to us! Take away the blinders that stop us from seeing your love! So that we can LOVE You rightly and the way that you deserve! In Jesus Name!!!

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On Monday nights the prayer room is open from 6-9. We do an hour of devotional worship from 6-7 and then corporate intercession from 7-9. On Monday nights we cry out for revival and the pouring out of His Spirit in Alamance County.

Tonight, while I was prayer leading, I was so distracted. I was supposed to be worshipping and engaging with the Lord and seeking for the burden of His heart so I could pour it out in intercession and partner with Him.

Well, thats not what was happening, and I wanted to be engaged so I could lead the room in intercession. Then the Lord revealed to me that I needed to pray and encourage the room to not be distracted (and myself too). But to choose to press in to Him despite the distractions inside and outside of us.

As I prayed and we started to worship I felt the Lord really challenging me. Here I sit distracted and not being in the Lord’s presence when I am called to be an intercessor for Alamance County. But I am not thinking about that as I sit there. I am not thinking about His heart for Alamance County.

So the Lord reveled to me that I need to increase and abound in love for Alamance County. I am praying that the Lord would increase this in me! When I love someone it is my joy to pray for them, I want to pray for them! SO I know I need to fall in love with the people and the town in a greater way. Because then I will be willing to lay my life down in intercession. Because this is what I have been called to do.

I want to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Do it in me God! Increase my capacity to LOVE Your people! That I would enter into intercession with a passion and devotion! To seek Your heart for the burden! Have Your way with me!

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I had the privilege of teaching at our Encountering God Service last night.

I taught on our identity as sons, bride and priests. Because God is our Father, Jesus is the Bridegroom and they are worthy to be ministered to, and to partner with their heart in intercession!

You can click this link to get the notes:


And you can listen to the teaching here (won’t be available until Monday):


Hope you enjoy! πŸ™‚

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Things are going great here in North Carolina.

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I’ll get to spend it with friends. πŸ™‚

I’ve been listening to Christmas music, makes me so happy and hyper.

I get to spend hours holding my friend Tiffany’s baby Isabella Grace, or “Isaboo” as I like to call her.

I spent the evening with my roommate, Carol, washing about 54 dirty cups that have accumulated in her car. Also, emptying about 5 bags full of clothes from her car and organizing it all on our couch, where it is still sitting. And trying to get her to get rid of it all. When you live in a studio apartment, you have to have priorities. I told her it was either me or the clothes, but one of us has to go. She said she would pick me. But luckily I’m not really making her decide.

I want God more then ever. I am not satisfied. I hunger and thirst for Him.

I want to give myself to Him in a greater measure. I want to intercede for my friends with authority that shifts things in the spiritual realm and the physical realm.

I want you to want God more then ever. I want you to not be satisfied with anything else. I want you to hunger and thirst for Him. I want you to give yourself to Him in a greater measure. Yeah, I do. Really bad. So I pray.

I’m in love with God, and God’s in love with me. This is who I am and this is who I’ll be. And that settles it, completely.

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Aaahh…I have the most wonderful feeling going on inside of me right now.

I am sitting in the prayer room at IHOP-ATL. My home for 3 months. It is so sweet to be back here, fellowshipping with the Lord, and being able to see all of my friends. I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Besides seeing my friends I am also taking a class module taught by Corey Russell from IHOP-KC. It is called the Eternal Glory of an Intercessory. Wow, it is one of the most powerful teachings I have ever set under. I am encountering the Lord and He is speaking to me and affirming me in what I am giving my life to.

So. Sweet. He is.

The Lord is downloading a lot so I will probably be posting some more about that when I get back in town.


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Words describing my life right now…

Simply about One Thing.

On the edge of life-changing.

Dramatically passionate.

Dying in order to live.

Overwhelming with Love.

Adventurously fun.

Longing and aching for more.

Purposed and determined.

Unwavering faith and trust.

Living day by day.

Standing in wonder and awe.

Interceding night and day.

Practicing the Presence.

My life is more than I could have ever dreamed.

I am living my dreams.

All praise and glory to Him!

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