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Exciting things are coming up:

1) Tuesday, March 3rd, I leave for IHOP-KC to go to the Passion for Jesus conference!

2) I’d really like to go visit my best friend and her baby Paityn, the weekend of March 14th. But I am still praying for the finances to do that. It’s about 170 dollars for a plane ticket.

3) The weekend of March 28th, it looks like the internship is going to take a short retreat to Washington D.C. We are going to visit the Holocaust Museum as well as Justice House of Prayer. Jess’s father lives there so we will be visiting him as well!

4) The last weekend in April, Jess and I as well as our lovely host mother, Becky, will be taking a girls retreat to the beach for a weekend! We are really excited about some warm weather, hopefully. 🙂


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Sunny Days…









me-and-jessExtra picture I wanted to add for fun. Not during a sunny day.

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Last night we had our 2nd community night for Immersed. Every Saturday night we eat dinner together, and then we invite anyone who wants to, to come over and hang out with us. Last night we spent hours playing instruments and worshiping the Lord. We had two guitars, a piano and a violin. We also had a cello but no one knows how to play it, yet. It was a great time of fellowship and being with the Lord! Here are some pictures!

beckyThis is Becky Burns! She is the wonderful lady who had taken me and Jess in as her children!! 🙂

amandapianoThis is me trying to play the piano. I really really want to learn so bad. I’m praying for lessons!

jessviolinJess is a phenomenal violinist!  And she uses it to worship the Lord! 🙂

sammoguitarThis is Sammo on the guitar, he is a worship leader and also uses his gift to bless the Lord!

wesleyguitarWesley also has skills on the guitar and LOVES worshiping Jesus more then anything else!

immersed-familyThis is the Immersed Family portrait taken with our new dog MOSES! He is HUGE! And very slobbery…you can see that my pants are actually wet from his slobber…

adair-and-caleb1This is some friends of ours who went to Liberty University with some of us. Adair and Caleb! They spent time worshiping with us!



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I have officially moved in.

I now live with two of the sweetest people! Tom and Becky Burns.

Jess Wright!

I have a new roommate. Jess Wright. She is also one of the interns for Immersed.

We live in a huge room together, and I sleep on a brand new mattress! I’m really excited about that! haha…

The Lord has blessed me immensely!

I’m happy.


Also, Tom Burns has a website company. He does the IHOP-AC website!

He is great! If you have any need for your website check his website out!

Having your website redone, or optimized will make you…



I blogged about IHOP-AC needing 10,000 dollars by the 16th here.

On Monday the 12th, we prayed about it during intercession. Monday afternoon the Lord provided the 10,000 dollars! HE IS SO AMAZING!

His provision makes us…


And He delights in giving gifts to His children so it makes Him…



God is really good. Thank You, L0rd!

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This and that

I have a permanent home for the next 4 months! Praise the Lord!

I will be posting more once I get settled.

I have so many things on my mind for posts. So check back!

God is moving and Immersed Consecration has started!


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Changes, changes

Immersed Logo no dropImmersed Consecration starts TOMORROW!

We have two interns. Jess Wright and Sam Chou. I am very excited because I know that the Lord has a lot in store for all of us.


Also, I moved. I felt the Lord leading me to live with Jess, the intern, and so I moved to a house where the both of us could live.

But then things change. The boys had housing available and just yesterday we found out that it is not going to work. So there are probably going to be some sacrifices made and some more moving. So I have yet to know exactly where I am going to be living. But I’ll let ya know. 🙂


IHOP-AC will be closing on our building Jan. 16th, Lord willing. We need 10,000 dollars by Thursday!  If you would like to donate or help out in funding the prayer movement you can donate:


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