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Me sitting in the prayer room at IHOP-ATL!!

So I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday. I spent the day laying by a pool here in Lawrenceville. It was really awesome. It looks like a kids pool, and it was FULL of kids. Its called a leisure pool. We played in it all! It even had a lazy river to float down, and a whirlpool area.


Then I spent the evening listening to Lou Engle of the Call. It was powerful night of contending for issues such as abortion and the homosexual agenda and the spirit of Jezebel. We were praying over the men of the church who are struggling with issues of compromise and immorality. God desires a bride who is righteous! And He is able to deliver us out of our sins! It was powerful!

Today has been a day full of the Lord! I am about to go into a session where Corey Russel is going to speak. I’m excited! Have Your way God!


I leave for Romania in 4 days! It is quickly closing in on me! There are 3 of my team members (one is my team leader) who live in Georgia, actually in Lawrenceville. So we met up at the prayer room and had a meeting about what I will be doing in Romania! Me and my friend Stephen will be teaching small groups about walking in the Spirit. And God is preparing us! Its really exciting. We also talked about the game time, I will be helping lead the games! This will be a really fun time, and a time where we build relationships!

Break in God! Prepare us for this trip! Do what you want to in us and through us! Change these campers lives forever! Let them fall more in love with Jesus! Amen!

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girls IHOP-ATL1

So this part of the post isn’t about Romania…yet. But this is a picture of me and Jess and Kirsten 5 minutes ago!

We are at IHOP-ATLANTA! We were blessed to be able, at the last minute, drive down and attend the Passionate Pursuit Conference.

We are staying with Kirsten’s parents who are so awesome! They just rented an apartment two minutes from IHOP-ATL for 6 months so that they can do an internship!

They love Jesus so much, it’s incredible!

So we don’t even have to use the car at all while we are here. We grabbed our backpacks and walked the short distance.

So here we are, ready to hear from the Lord!

We are here until Sunday afternoon then we head back to Burlington!


We leave for Romania in 6 days! It is crazy!  I feel as if there is so much to do, and then we go away for three days! But God is good!

Here are some things I am praying for, for out team and Romania and myself:


fall in love with Jesus


death to LIFE



walking in the Spirit





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I was in a terrible mood this weekend. It was awful. BUT God is so good. Yesterday I went on a mini road trip with Wesley to see some of our friends from IHOP-ATL. It was an amazing time! It couldn’t have been more perfect. And the Lord blessed me even in the midst of me being terrible. I love HIM! It makes my heart sing with love for GOD!

Two of our friends got married about 3 hours away from where we live. So we got to drive there and attend the wedding. It was the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to. Because the presence of God was there! We worshiped and He showed up! It was such a beautiful picture of Jesus and the Church! (Eph. 5)

I will have pictures coming soon as I get them from other people. Our friends prophesied over us and prayed over us and just encouraged us with their words! The Lord was truly speaking through them right to our hearts. My weekend was turned into JOY! Because in His presence is FULLNESS of JOY! WooHOO!

So I love the Lord. Without Him I would totally be in a pit of despair. This world has nothing to offer, and I would be miserable with out Him!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot…

My car broke down on the way back from the wedding! On the way there my battery light came on. I thought that was a bad sign but nothing else happened. Then I was afraid my car wouldn’t start after the wedding but praise the Lord it did!

But as we were riding down the highway a couple of miles, the lights began to get dimmer, and then my speedometer stopped working and all the inside lights shut off. Then my blinkers stopped. By this time I am pulling of an exit into a gas station. Me and Wesley were praying over the car. We pull in and I shut it off, and it won’t start again. Which is what I thought would happen. So me and Wesley go into the gas station and Wesley proceeds to ask in a very loud voice from the front of the door…”Does anyone have jumper cables?” And these two guys said they could help us. So they took a look at my battery. It seems that the connection was bad. So they fixed it up and charged my battery and my car worked perfectly the rest of the way home and still is working today!!!! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS! 🙂 He is so amazing! And so faithful!

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Its all over…

So this ends one chapter of my life, and another begins. Its a bittersweet thing. I will dearly miss all of my very amazing new friends. But I am so excited to go stand on the wall and build His house in NC! Here is a picture of me now….I LOVE YOU all that were in the internship with me and who are still in ATL!

I’m hanging out with friends in ATL until Friday, then driving back to Burlington to drop off my car, and then a weekend in Washington DC for The Call! Woohoo! Then finally back to IHOP-AC! Yay!

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All of the interns graduated on August 8th! 08/08/08! My roomie, Carol, surprised me by coming down from Burlington and coming to my dinner!

Here are pictures!

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Today was an amazing day. We had a sweet time of community communion. Then we headed off to a rooftop graduation dinner for the interns! Here are a few pictures from today!

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5 days left. This was our last Tuesday. This week is GBF so we have all-staff intercession on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 pm. Today during intercession all of the staff prayed for the interns. There are three internships here in Atlanta. The Pursuit Internship, Intro, and The Watch. So altogether there are 19 interns. So we all were getting prayer! It was amazing.

I was able to give my testimony about my internship and the house of prayer that I am full-time at, IHOP-AC, during an Encounter Service one night. Billy Humphrey called me up, so many people know that I am part of another house of prayer, and that I am going back there because the Lord is going to make us 24/7!

So two ladies started praying for me. I was so encouraged! I know that it is the Lord’s will for me to go back and stand on the wall there. I know that He has a strategic plan for why I am helping build that house. And I know that we are in a strategic location. In the middle of the Piedmont Triad area. The Lord just really confirmed and encouraged me in such an amazing way! I was so blessed! The Lord has zeal for IHOP-AC and I can’t wait to see all that He does! Things are shifting and shaking in North Carolina because of the prayers of His children!

I can’t wait to be back! Zeal for His house has consumed Him and its consuming me! (Ps. 69:9)

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