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We are launching a 3 week fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 by December 31st. We need this to finish out our commitments for 2010 and also help bring sustainability for the 1st 3 months of 2011.

Would you consider partnering with us in reaching our goal?? This is the first step into sustaining IHOP-AC and build towards 24/7 prayer in Alamance County, NC!!!

You can donate in 3 ways:

-Online: www.IHOP-AC.org

-Mail your check to:


P.O. Box 113

Burlington, NC 27216

-Cash donations can be made by contacting me!

Your donation to IHOP-AC is a tax deductible contribution.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and your desire to be a part of something that the Lord is doing!!!

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Here is my November Newsletter! I am finally getting back on track with my MONTHLY newsletters!!! 🙂


Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!!!

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This past weekend a big group of us from Burlington headed to Durham, NC to attend the Onething conference that IHOP-KC puts on in different cities.

While I was sitting there, worshiping Jesus with hundreds of kids, teens, and young adults, I was thinking about two of the passages in scripture that “one thing” is mentioned.

Ps. 27:4- “One thing I have asked from the lord, that I shall seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and to meditate in His temple.”

Luke 10:39-42- “She had a sister called Mary, who was seated at the Lord’s feet, listening to His world. But Martha was distracted with all of her preparations; and she came up to him and said, ‘Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to do all the serving alone? Then tell her to help me.’ but the Lord answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and bothered about so many things; but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

The first passage from Psalms is King David crying out for the one thing that he wants even in the midst of his enemies. The second passage, Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet even when it wasn’t what she was supposed to be doing. Her sister made it clear, “she needs to be helping me!” But Jesus said that she had chosen the one thing necessary, and that it wouldn’t be taken away from her.

For a long time I have considered myself a Mary (although I know that I tend to be a Martha at times, busy and distracted by so many things), because I love to sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His word. It is the calling I believe that is on my life. To first minister to the Lord, and second go to the nations.

As I was sitting at the Onething conference I was thinking how both of the other intercessory missionaries here at IHOP-AC, David Gordon and David Rickman are named David. The calling on their lives are also similar to mine! They have chosen one thing for the rest of their lives, to dwell in the house of the Lord, to gaze upon His beauty and to meditate in His temple. They were named for their destinies by their mother’s even before they were born!

I felt left out as I also wished I had been named after my destiny. And then I realized: I am! My name is Amanda MARY. My parents named me MARY and for basically ever, I hated my middle name. BUT. But I am now in love with it! I am named after the calling on my life and I was named this before I was even born!

I am a Mary, I have been called to sit at His feet, listen to His word and choose the one thing necessary!

THANKS MOM AND DAD for naming me MARY! This is soooo special to me now and is a blessing to me!!!!

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I live about 25 minutes from the prayer room now. I moved about a month ago. So it is taking some time to get used to having to leave about a half and hour earlier! Needless to say, I have been late quite a few times.

Well, this morning I was out the door early! So I decided to treat myself to some McDonald’s. 🙂 I had just enough time to run through the drive thru and grab something. I counted the cash that I had and knew I could get 3 $1 items. So I ordered my food and even had my money ready before hand (impressive) and happily stretched my hand out my window to the nice lady waiting.

She sweetly smiled at me and said “It’s been taken care of.” I kind of just looked at her confused for a minute. She continued, “The lady in the car in front of you took care of it.”

A huge smile spread across my face as it dawned on me…

God cares for me and is my Provider!

Yesterday morning I taught a Sunday school class to the 5 year olds in my church. The whole lesson was on God caring for us. The memory verse was 1 Peter 5:7- “casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” The bible story was Matt. 6 where Jesus exhorts us to not worry but understand that God loves us more than the birds, so He will take care of us!

So I asked has anyone ever been worried? It was fairly amusing watching a 5 year old trying to come up with a worry. It is almost non-existent. They completely trust and have faith that their parents are going to provide for EVERY ONE of their needs and they never doubt. It is incredible the faith that children have! I learned a lesson from them!

So during our prayer, I asked the Lord to help them understand how much He cares for them, and that this truth would take root even when they are 30 and have to pay the bills! They all laughed at that.

God is continually reminding me how much He cares for me, and how He can provide in even the most surprising and fun ways!

Thanks for the McDonald’s, Lord!! 🙂

In what ways is the Lord providing for you…look for it in EVERYTHING!

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This interview is from a couple of years ago…enjoy getting to know David Rickman!!! 🙂 I’m posting this again for those who are checking here from my newsletter!


This is my next interview of the IHOP-AC staff members. I did my first one about a month ago on our Director, David Gordon. You can click here to see that one.

David Rickman: Intercessory Missionary at IHOP-AC


This is David Rickman. He is 23 years old. He has an associates degree from Liberty University.

He is a full-time intercessory missionary! He has given his life to standing before the Lord in intercession and ministering to the Lord in intimacy!

I was able to sit down with him and ask him a few questions about his life as an intercessory missionary.

How did you get involved in the prayer room?

I started really pursuing things in the Lord in a new way in 2003, this was a real season of hunger. (At the age of 16…I wanted to add that because he really knows Jesus and its because he started at a young age.) In 2005 David Gordon took me to IHOP-KC for a conference. I knew I wanted to give my life to this, though I didn’t really understand it. The 2006-2007 school year I moved back to Burlington, NC (where he is from) and I joined David Gordon in prayer meetings in the mornings, from about 8-12. I also did online classes until my schooling was finished. Then I began to pursue the prayer room full-time. I have been living this lifestyle since August 2006.

What impact has being an intercessory missionary had on your life?

Spiritually it has had the impact of me daily growing in the knowledge of God and growing in the word and prayer. Encounter transforms every area of your life. This lifestyle requires lots of sacrifice in other realms of your life as well. Such as relationships, money etc. Because when you put yourself before God you see His worth in a new lifht and you begin to come into agreement with Him in a greater level and your love for Him grows and by seeing who He is your whole life shifts. Your identity is formed in this place. The way you see other people is shaped by how God sees them because you are coming into agreement with God.

What are your “roles” at IHOP-AC?

My identity and function is intercessor first and foremost. In intercession I partner with God’s heart in releasing His purposes in the earth. I also minister to the Lord and from that place of intimacy I exercise His authority that He has given me, through prayer. I am also involved as a worship leader. I minister to the Lord before the people in the prayer room. And lead them in worship during intercession sets and during devotional sets as well. I’m involved in teaching at The Way School of Ministry on occasion. I also have other administration responsibilities. (Side note: he did not want to list them all, but basically he does almost everything from printing all the notes for all the classes and EGS to designing logos and making videos. We don’t know what we’d do without him!)

What would you say to someone who was considering living this lifestyle?

There is nothing more noble to give yourself to. In doing so you are giving yourself to something that affects change on the earth. The primary reason night and day prayer exists is because Jesus is worthy of it. That has to be the vision that sustains you in this lifestyle. Because when we stop seeing Him as worthy then living this lifestyle becomes irrelevant.

What aspect of being in the prayer room is your favorite?

I would say I love encountering the Lord in the place of intimacy, meditating on the word and singing it, and letting that word become alive within me. And from that place speaking those words back to Him in intercession and partnering with Him.

What is the hardest?

Barrenness, when you feel like God is not in the room and you are plowing ground in the Spirit. Thats hard. Also, when you see your darkness brought forth in His light.

What is one of your favorite verses?

John 17:24-26. It is the mission statement of Jesus. His prayer is going to be answered and I am just positioning myself to be a part of seeing that come into fruition. To be with Him where He is- to partner and agree with His heart. To see His glory- to encounter Him in all of His beauty and by doing so loving Him with the love that the Father loves Him.

What do you see yourself doing in the future?

Psalm 132. “Until I find a dwelling place.” I will be faithful until….


Thank you David Rickman for sharing with us!

We praise the Lord for David Rickman and all that he does for the Lord at IHOP-AC. He is a man of the word and he has so much revelation of it that you know he spends hours in the presence of Jesus. It just amazes me!

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October Newsletter

**scroll down two posts for the interview of David Rickman!**

Here is my October Newsletter. I haven’t done one since February! Crazy! Life has been busy and therefore I have neglected this part of my ministry! Forgive me!

October Newsletter Part 1!

October Newsletter Part 2

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(***Originally posted in November of 2008)

David Gordon: Director of IHOP-AC

David, Tina, Mary Graceyn and Eli

David Gordon has a wife, Tina, and two children, Eli and Mary Graceyn.

He has been living this lifestyle for over 3 years now. Previously he was a co-pastor of a church called Life Fellowship. But the Lord called him to “Build an ark and preserve My people”. He has been giving himself to building a 24/7 dwelling place for the Lord ever since.

I spent some time with him today asking him a few questions. Here they are:

Why are you giving your life to direct a house of prayer?

It is out of a call of God. First it was an issue of desire and obedience. Now it has become a consuming passion of my heart. Jesus is worthy, and because of the neediness in my heart. This is why I do what I do. When I see the call of mine, and the connection to biblical scripture and what God is doing, I see how we are connected to what is on God’s heart.

How has this changed your life?

I have begun to live a life beyond a good external reputation of a “good” Christian, to having daily encounters with internal reality and encounter with the Lord. I feel like I am becoming authentic. The mask is being stripped off and I’m living fully alive before God and man. I have come to understand the significance of knowing my identity and my destiny, and this has brought me into wholeheartedness. I felt like, in the past, I was only touching a little of my destiny. It was a lack of knowing my identity. Now God has put them together in the prayer room.

What is your favorite aspect of this lifestyle?

Encountering God by way of the embers of a burning heart. Through the Word, worship, prayer, fasting and giving. It’s hard to narrow it down to just one. So I’d say encountering God and having a burning heart.

Hardest aspect?

Living exposed before a holy God on a daily basis. Having my motives exposed, my insecurities and fears. Being confronted and exposed. It’s just hard. But I do it because I want to be authentic and holy in His presence. Being exposed leads me to encounter. That makes it worth it all.

How has this impacted your family?

I feel as a husband and father that God has called me to be the point man in my home. My lifestyle by way of example and by way of education to my family. We have begun to live a life of simplicity. It has not been easy to turn from the comforts of this age, but this lifestyle has really helped get in link with the heart and purpose of God. Because of prayer and crying out to God, the Lord began shifting the heart of Tina to home school our children 3 years ago and that has been tremendous to help develop us as a family together. It is an honor to see my family in the prayer room from time to time, knowing they are in the place of encounter.

What would you say to a family who was considering living this lifestyle?

Number one thing would be to know that God is calling you to this. Also, begin to come along side of a family that is living this lifestyle and start spending regular time in the prayer room. Being exposed to the prayer movement will prepare you for what is ahead.

And now a fun question…what is your favorite verse?

Psalm 27:4- “One thing I have asked from the Lord, that I shall seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to meditate in His temple.”

Because everything I see in David’s heart is understood in this one verse. He asks, he sought and he was able to apprehend it. A one thing lifestyle. Ultimately, it is the revelation of the beauty of God in the place of encounter that sustains us. We cannot separate revelation and encounter.


Thank you DG for sharing your heart with us!

The Lord has used this man to impact my life in a tremendous way. If he had not obeyed the call to build this house of prayer, I would not be a part of it! He has helped shape all of us into the men and women, intercessors, bride that the Lord wants us to be. It is an honor and a privilege to follow such a humble man who desires God more then anything else in this world. He has given up everything to love God with all of his heart, soul, strength and mind. I love him and am so thankful for all that he does and continues to do! He has humbled himself from being a pastor of a nice size congregation to being a director of a few twenty-something year olds, who are mostly dropouts from college! (Just a note–none of us are ashamed of this, and are so thankful to be in the center of God’s will). But God is doing something huge with all of us, and He is doing something huge with the house of prayer in Alamance County. Praise the Lord!

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I know, I’m terrible at getting my newsletter out on time…but here is May’s newsletter! 🙂

Check it out and find out more about Romania!!!

And starting tomorrow I’m going to do a count down until I leave, which will be one week from tomorrow! So come back and check it out!!


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Immersed LogoImmersed Consecration four month internship for the spring is over!

New things are going to be happening and changes are going to be taking place.

I slacked on the last day of my favorite song, because I was so busy with the Immersed graduation.

Tomorrow I will be moving. I’ll update more probably tomorrow night when I am settled or Monday.

Jesus is good. I love Him! 🙂

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I’m back with happier posts! 🙂 I’ll try to get away from the same old, mundane posts. 🙂

So as you’ve read in the previous posts I’ve been having some what of a rough time lately. Mostly with my emotions. But God is sooo good and He blessed me tremendously the other day!!! It was glorious. And so I thought I would share with you some things I am so thankful for and that blessed me!

1. IHOP-AC bought a building in downtown Burlington. We bought it back in January, and we’ve been praying for it since July 31st, 2007. We are not in the building yet because of all the work that has to be done, but we are contending for it! And we walked in the “new prayer room” on Wednesday (we go and pray over the building once a week) and demolition has begun!!!!! It was one of the most encouraging things to me! Here I am praying for the raising up of 24/7 prayer in Alamance County, and not always seeing whats going on, and the Lord shows me tangible answers to our prayers!!!!!! I was so moved by this simple thing! Praise the Lord, HE ANSWERS prayer!

2. Here is some breaking news–the chance that I am going to go to Romania is even greater then ever!!! I’ve written several times on here that I’m praying about going this summer for about 20 days. And I got a call on Wednesday that it’s looking really good that I am going! This makes me SOOOOOO excited! I’ve been 3 times already, but this will be a different city in Romania and it will be to minister in a youth camp. I am pumped and really hope that I get that chance!

3. I was blessed with a hair cut/trim on Wednesday. I haven’t had my hair cut in 7 months. Well, I’m not actually cutting any length off, because I’ve been growing my hair out since I became an intercessory missionary in August 2007. I’m growing it out until IHOP-AC becomes 24/7. I have faith that its going to happen sooner then later! 🙂 I just like getting it trimmed and layered when I get the chance! I had a WONDERFUL woman cut my hair who goes to my church and she just blessed me with her company! She loves Jesus so much and I got to share my testimony and talk about Jesus and the prayer room! Those are basically some of my favorite things to talk about! Glorious!

4. I got a VERY encouraging e-mail from someone who reads my blog. He just encouraged me concerning some of the things I had posted before. It really blessed me.

Actually I could keep going… but I’ll just say that God is so amazing! I really needed encouraging and of course He knew it (and I had been asking and telling Him that 🙂 and He saw my need and filled it! I love Him so much! He blows me away over and over again with how wonderful He is!


Also, starting on Monday, I’m going to do a week long posting theme. I’m going to put up a video of my favorite song and write how it has impacted me, a new one each day.  There are SOOO many good songs out there and SOO many that have impacted me in incredible ways! So I want to share them, and maybe let you guys find out about some new amazing music and where you can get it. And also listen to it and be encouraged and look to Jesus! So be looking forward to that and make sure to check back!


I’ve got a lot of things to post about, and I’m getting out of this rut I am in and back in to the swing of things! Keep my eyes on Him and not on the circumstances and situations around me. It is WAY better when I do that!

I’ll keep my eyes, on the Prize, I’m looking at You, Jesus!

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