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More books that I totally recommend that you read!!

I have written 3 posts prior to this with books that I recommend, check those out too:

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Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon– This is the book I am currently reading (along with like 5 others, but I will finish this one first). I am being renewed in the place of prayer and sitting in God’s presence because of this book. She wrote it for those who didn’t know how to read, so it is a very easy read and she explains everything very simply. The book is basically about “the prayer of simplicity”. Check it out, it is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Remarkable Miracles by G.C. Bevington– Wonderful book on faith and healing. I highly recommend reading it. It will inspire you and challenge you to give yourself to prayer and to really living in faith!

***For both of these books I found free online books. If you just click the links on the titles you can read them! 🙂 If you want to buy them you can click the author’s name.***


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Stellan was born at 10:19am today, Oct. 29th!!! So far the doctors haven’t found anything wrong with HIM!!!! GOD is answering our prayers!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Visit the site to find out more!

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Would you all pray for Stellan? He is a precious little baby who will be born tomorrow. The journey began when his mom and dad were told he would die at 20 weeks I think. But he is still alive, and will be born tomorrow. The doctors said he has an enlarged heart, so what to expect tomorrow, when he is born, is still up in the air. He will be born at 9:30 CST.

Lets all join in prayer for the miraculous healing of baby Stellan! God has already healed him this far, and He is in control!

Head over to Stellan’s mom’s blog!

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I’ve been praying and wrestling with the topic of healing lately. Is the the will of the Lord to heal every time, or do we need to pray “if it is Your will”. These are a few of the questions that have been running through my head. Mostly because if it is His will, then why am I not believing it? Why am I not praying for people? So it really makes me confront my disbelief.

My friend Wesley read this book that has brought him some clarity on this topic. And he gave me the link and I am reading it right now. It is amazing!

Ex. 15:26 tells us one aspect of who God is. He says that He is our Healer. He is specifically talking to Israel in this passage, and He is still talking to them, but those of us who are His children, we have been grafted in, and so He is our Healer too! Do we acknowledge Him as our Healer? Not very often. Why do we not see people healed? Who actually believes that He is going to do it? I know that I really struggle with this.

Well this book by G.C. Bevington, is a testimony to God’s faithfulness in healing. This man really lived prayer and fasting. And healing was an overflow because of his perseverance in prayer and in faith! I am being challenged every time I read this book! Well it is free! So I encourage you to read this book!

You can read it here!

Another really encouraging thing about this book is the way that Bevington lives his life. He never does ANYTHING without praying and asking the Lord and if he does something other then what the Lord is telling him, the Lord always shows him this and then he is obedient. He doesn’t move, even if he has to wait for days, until the Lord tells him where to go. He never has money or a place to sleep, but He goes in faith knowing the Lord is going to provide for him. I want this kind of faith. Especially for the lifestyle that I know the Lord is calling me to. I am to give myself to prayer and fasting. And to do this, I have to be completely dependent on Him! For everything, my food, money, clothes, gas, a place to live. Because I am not “doing” anything. I myself, and not doing anything that I can fall back on. I have no security, but Jesus Christ! Thank You JESUS! Make me more dependent on You! Increase all of our faith!

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Prayer for Tricia

I’m asking that we would all join in prayer for Tricia. I’ve written about her a few times. She had a baby while her lungs were failing because of cystic fibrosis. Well she was diagnosed with cancer after her double lung transplant and they did 5 weeks of treatment. The treatment didn’t do what they were expecting. There are more growths, some grew larger, and none went away. So they were pretty discouraged today.

I know that God is the Healer. So what medicine can’t do, He can! Lets pray for the cancer to be gone, in the Name of Jesus!

You can visit their site and find out more information at cfhusband.blogspot.com.

Thank you for joining in prayer with me!

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I have written about Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth a couple times, and now I am asking that you be in prayer for Tricia tomorrow (June 11th) from 7am-10am as she is having tests done that will determine different health issues for her concerning her new lungs. You can check out his blog at cf.husband.blogspot.com and join with everyone in praying for her! God is the healer! He can heal her! Thank you all so much!

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