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We are launching a 3 week fundraising campaign to raise $50,000 by December 31st. We need this to finish out our commitments for 2010 and also help bring sustainability for the 1st 3 months of 2011.

Would you consider partnering with us in reaching our goal?? This is the first step into sustaining IHOP-AC and build towards 24/7 prayer in Alamance County, NC!!!

You can donate in 3 ways:

-Online: www.IHOP-AC.org

-Mail your check to:


P.O. Box 113

Burlington, NC 27216

-Cash donations can be made by contacting me!

Your donation to IHOP-AC is a tax deductible contribution.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and your desire to be a part of something that the Lord is doing!!!

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This is John and Gracey Guetterman.

They are intercessory missionaries at IHOP-AC with me. John is full-time in the prayer room. Gracey and John had also been working a full time job from their home. That was their main income to provide for them. Recently they lost their job. Which was totally from the Lord.

They are now going to be raising support to be able to continue in the house of prayer full-time.

They have no idea that I am asking this. But I want to challenge every person who is reading this post right now. I want to challenge you to give somehow, someway to John and Gracey. I don’t usually ask for money, especially not for myself, but I really felt the Lord leading me to do this.

You can check out their story and all about them at their blog.

You can give not only a one time gift, but you can support them monthly as well to help out with bills and monthly needs. You can e-mail them at johnguetterman@ihop-ac.org to talk to them personally.

Pray and seek the Lord, if He is speaking to you in any way to fund the prayer movement through these two then do it! The Lord LOVES those who give, especially to those in need. They are amazing and they LOVE the Lord!


You can also make checks out to

“IHOP-AC” with a sticky note with their names and send it to:

P.O. Box 3113

Burlington, NC 27217

Thank you so much for funding the prayer movement!

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IHOP-AC has set up a paypal account for all of the staff members. So I now have funding available through paypal online! Check out my Funding page for more information! 🙂

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Being an intercessory missionary is pretty amazing. But it really challenges your faith and trust in the Lord. I am full time at IHOP-AC but this does not mean that I am paid by IHOP-AC. We are a non-profit organization and we only get money that people give to us. I have to raise my own money to be full time. I became full time in January and I am still seeking the Lord to provide on a monthly basis. I know that eventually I will have people who are funding the prayer movement through me on a monthly basis, but right now I am still gradually getting there. I have one person who funds me monthly and then like two days ago I received two more! God is being so faithful!

Also, my car broke down on Valentine’s day, and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, but I just drove it to the mechanics and trusted the Lord. (Probably the first time I’ve ever not cried when my car broke down.) And the next night the Lord provided the money to fix my car plus extra!

Then about two days later I received a bill in the mail for something I had no idea I had to pay, and I didn’t trust the Lord. I immediately teared up and worry rose in my heart. But David Gordon, the director of IHOP-AC, reminded me that the Lord is faithful and He will provide. And sure enough a couple days later He provided the money!

I am so blown away by God. He always provides, but there are times when worry still rises in my heart! Help me God!

I just wanted all of you to know how AMAZING our God is! He provides, trust in Him and He will take care of EVERYTHING! Seriously. 🙂

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I have just updated my funding page. I put up the different ways that you can fund me. You can become a part of my monthly supporters committing to support me every month. You can give a one time gift or whenever the Lord would lead you.

And you can also fund me by specifically giving for my missions trips. I usually take about 2 missions trips a year. This year I am planning on being in Romania again, probably this summer in June or July. I also am really seeking the Lord about going on a trip to Israel. There is a trip that I could go on that is May 29th through the 2nd.

Thank you all so much! Continue to pray with me that the Lord would release the finances that I need! He is so faithful!

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