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katrinamecfaWaiting before we were registered.

I stayed up all night.

I did the limbo.

I caught a parachuting cow thrown from the roof of the building.

I played with hula hoops…and wasn’t very successful.

I lined up for check-in on number 25.

I was cold.

I snuggled up with Katrina in a small tent, on the cement.

I watched the movie Facing the Giants.

I stood in a circle with other crazy people and worshipped Jesus, loud!

I ate 14 chicken nuggets.

I ate ice cream with sprinkles, chocolate chips, m&m’s, chocolate sauce, whip cream and a cherry.

Then at the end of it all….

I lined up and got…a t-shirt, a chick-fil-a hat, and 52 FREE coupons for breakfast! 🙂

The number 1 question asked….was it worth it. Oh yeah, Chick-fil-a is worth it, and time spent with friends is worth it, and worshiping Jesus in a parking lot really loud in the middle of the night….totally worth it.


Middle of the night…laying in the tent trying to keep warm. 🙂

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Part 1

Part 2


Me, Jen Taitt, & Jenny Potts–this is actually in 2007, I don’t have digital copies of us in 2005.

I enter my sophomore year in college with freedom I never thought possible! I was counting the months that it had been since I saw my ex boyfriend. Each day and month was a victory for me! I couldn’t wait to say I hadn’t seen him for a year!

The first semester was pretty uneventful. There were no boys in my life, which was great. I was great friends with Jen Taitt and Jenny Potts. I was focusing on my schooling and Jesus.

In Jan. of 2005 Jen, Jenny and I met a guy who we all became really close friends with. We all hung out, worshipped together, studied together, ate together and just did everything together. It was a really fun semester full of friends and living life.

I also met a family that semester who I was able to minister to in amazing ways! They had 4 children and Jenny and I basically were able to pour into their lives for about 4 months. We spent the night, we cleaned, we cooked them dinner and we took them to church. And we really started to appreciate our parents, alot! Taking care of kids is a HANDFUL! But we totally enjoyed it.

I really liked this guy that we were hanging out with. But this was the first time in my life I really wanted to let God have His way. I wasn’t going to manipulate things, I wasn’t going to try and see if he liked me. I was just praying and letting God have his way. So my heart was really free. My heart was in a great place. I wanted more then anything to please God with my relationships since I hadn’t done that ever before.

So we hung out for about 8 months, and it was a great 8 months. God did so much in my life and taught me sooo much. At the end of everything, the Lord clearly spoke and showed me that this was not the man I was supposed to marry. Which was fine by me because I was able to keep my heart pretty free!

During this time I was seeking the Lord, but wasn’t totally sold out. I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do to completely live for the Lord. Things in my head weren’t compeltely connecting to my heart. But I knew there was more to this thing we called Christianity. And the Lord was about to completely turn my life, and my heart upside down!  These were just the events (very important) events that led up to it!

More to come in a part 4!

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(This was scheduled to post yesterday. But it didn’t 😦 sad)


Woohoo! I didn’t know I was going to be doing this until a few days ago. But God has blessed me tremendously!

Me and a few of my friends left around 8:30 am. Not sure how long it takes to get there but I think we will be skiing from 11 till into the night.

I’m super excited! But I just realized I don’t have snow bibs. I might be in leggings and jeans and maybe sweat pants. Man. Pray for warmth!!! 🙂

And off I go!!!


So this post didn’t post. Man. Oh well. I had a great time with my friends hitting the slopes. We hit some of the smaller hills first because my friend David had never skied. But he was great at it! Then Carol and I hit the bigger slopes, we had a blast!

Some funny stories:

It was 53 degrees out at one point. We dressed for freezing weather and so we were sweating! No gloves, jackets unzipped, nothing on our heads. It was pretty great. But that meant there was NO snow ANYWHERE but on the slopes. And even on the slopes there were some places that were ground.

We skied for about 2 1/2 hours and then took a dinner break. On our way back up to the lodge I was walking in some borrowed snow boots, and the boot broke in half. It was crazy! Carol and I laughed so hard!

The last 2 1/2 hours were at night and the snow was a little icy. Carol and I hit some more big slopes but we both had a tougher time. I hit some ground (with no snow) and it stops you instantly and I feel on mud and rocks. It hurt. And another time I was trying to show Carol how not to fall, and I fell. We had a great time laughing.

Praise the Lord for friends and fun! I look forward to going again next year!

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Tonight concludes my time with my family.

Off tomorrow for a fun filled day of friends and driving.

I was able to see a couple of friends today. Spent a couple hours wrapping presents with my friend Erin. And then made some posters with my friend Josh and the kids in his youth group for a parade they are in. The kids are part of an organization that takes a stand for purity and abstinence. Its pretty awesome to see kids desiring to be pure and to go against the culture of sex before marriage. Way to go kids!

I had this conversation with a girl there:

girl: “Do you think we will get mobbed for standing for abstinence?”

me: “Its totally ok if you get persecuted for Jesus! Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!!”

(the girl kinda shakes her head yes and smiles while staring at me. As other girls turn and stare too.)

Hey its the truth. Just thought they should know. 🙂

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Another fun Sunday afternoon last weekend. Our friend Jess Wright came into town and hung out with us. So much fun! We frolicked in a soccer field. Then we went and played at a playground! So much fun! Here are the pictures!

I praise the Lord for friends! He has really and truly blessed me big time!

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Wesley, Katrina and I spent the weekend doing some fun things. Saturday we had a yard sale to raise money for an intercessory missionary at the house of prayer in Bazna, Romania called BHOP. We made about 160 dollars. It is going to be a huge blessing for them!

On Sunday we took an afternoon drive in Katrina’s mom’s convertible. We had a blast. Then we went to a lake and rented a row boat and went out on the middle of the lake and laughed and sang to the Lord. It was a blast. Here are some fun pictures!

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Every Friday night some of my friends who live here in Atlanta, but aren’t part of IHOP-ATL, have a night of worship. Its so sweet and amazing! Me and some of my friends from IHOP have been going and we love it! Its so nice to get together with a group of people who love Jesus and want to give up their Friday nights for Him! Jesus is so worthy of our time and our worship! I love my friends and their dedication to the Lord.

Tonight the Lord was, again, revealing to me how much of Amanda still is in me and how much of Him isn’t. I want to decrease and Him to increase! John 3:30. Oh how moody and bratty I can be! But He is amazing! He is changing me! Praise the Lord! You are so good GOD! I LOVE YOU!

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