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Read part 1 here first.

I’m really, really homesick the first semester of college. I miss my family, and mostly I miss the (kinda) boyfriend. I was so messed up emotionally with this guy. He was totally the wrong guy for me, as anyone and everyone who knew him would and did testify. If my car wouldn’t have broken down, I would have for sure left college and went back home. But God had such a strategic plan for me! He knew what He was doing!

My heart was crazy involved. I thought I loved the guy. So I’m away at college wanting to live for Jesus, but my heart was given to someone else. And this began the journey of the Lord calling me to give my heart to Him.

The first semester the Lord is clearly showing me that I am not in love with this guy. I just love the attention and affection. But it will never satisfy me. It wasn’t what I really wanted. I wanted something so much more pure and beautiful. Not some messed up love based off of the physical. I was looking for it in all the wrong places and people. The Lord showed me that the love I was looking for would only be found in Jesus!

This was an amazing revelation. But to actually live it out when I went back home for Christmas break and spring break and summer break was a completely different story. So I struggled. Big time. When I was with this guy my heart told me something different then what the Lord told me. But I was tired of struggling. I had been with this guy for 2 and a half years and for about 2 of the years I knew I had to get out. And it took me a while.

Finally July 21st, 2004, the summer before my sophomore year in college it was over. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t live a compromising life any more. I had a decision to make. Would I choose the things of the world that made me happy and then miserable or would I chose the Lord, the only true source of everlasting joy?

I had to chose Jesus! His lovinkindness lead me to repentance. True repentance. Where I didn’t just say sorry and keep living it, but where I was deeply grieved over the way I was living, and didn’t do it anymore.

It was almost unreal. That I was actually not living that lifestyle anymore. I struggled for so long I never thought I would get out. But God is so faithful! He delivered me! He didn’t turn His back on me even though I did it sooooo many times to Him! I was finally walking in the freedom that I knew I was suppposed to!! I was finally letting God have His way with me. And I continued on a journey that I never thought possible…

(look for more to my story in a part 3!)

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Getting back

Its hard to get back into the swing of blogging every day or almost every day when you haven’t been doing it for a while. Well at least its that way with me. So bare with me as I try to get back on a regular posting schedule. πŸ™‚


Here are some more pictures from my trip home and one from One Thing. After I make this post with the pictures, then I will start blogging about my thoughts on One Thing 2008 in Kansas City, as well as what the Lord has been doing in my heart in the prayer room. Thanks for being patient with me! Keep checking back for more posts!

The cutest boys ever in their *Florida* Christmas outfits!I love these two boys! They are so handsome and precious!

They love each other!Brotherly love

Caitlynn, me, meagan and Josie!Me and my sister with my nieces, Caitlynn and Josie!

Me with my parents!Picture with my parents!

friends worshiping at One ThingThese are some of the folks that I went with to One Thing. Here they are worshiping the Lord!

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Christmas time in Florida!

As you all know, I spent Christmas in Florida with my family! We took some pictures and recorded the fun times that we had! Here they are:

Ethan with a cool mohawk

Logan playing at the mall

Me opening my Christmas gifts!

My sister Meagan and her husband Jason

This is a collage of pictures I made for my dad!

My dad with one of his gifts from my sister...a picture of me!

Me and the sweet boys!

Me and Logan on his first horse ride!

Me and Ethan!

Meagan, my mom and me!—————————————————————————

I had a great time at home. It was a wonderful time of family. I love you all!

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Sweet days…

I’m still alive. πŸ™‚ I made it home safely to Florida without ANY car problems! Praise the Lord! I made it home Friday night around 2:30 a.m. I spent all day Saturday with my family. I rode a horse with my nephew Logan, and watched them play in “snow”. Which in Florida consists of crushed ice. But they had a blast.

Yesterday was a long awaited day at Bush Gardens! Oh my was it a fun time. The lines were like a 5 minute wait. The weather was absolutely amazing. About 60 degrees. Not too warm and not cold at all. I loved it!

I have pictures to come of both days.

Today I spent more time with my family. I tookΒ  Ethan and Logan to the mall to play in the play thingy and to chick-fil-a to play in the playground. My niece Josie came too. Praise the Lord too because 2 boys age 4 and 2 are crazy!

That basically consists of my trip so far. Lots of time with my wonderful family. I’m having a great time!

Pictures to come! Have a blessed few days before Christmas!

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Fun picture


My mom, dad and nephews! I made this as the background of my computer!

πŸ™‚ I love you family! I’m praying for you!

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Beautiful people…

My two beautiful nephews togetherBrothers!

Sweet Logan!

Logan David Allee

Me and my sister, Meagan, and her two kids!

Logan, Me, Meagan, Ethan

Me and my beautiful younger sister πŸ™‚


Me and Logan πŸ™‚

Trying to get him to take a picture

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Tonight concludes my time with my family.

Off tomorrow for a fun filled day of friends and driving.

I was able to see a couple of friends today. Spent a couple hours wrapping presents with my friend Erin. And then made some posters with my friend Josh and the kids in his youth group for a parade they are in. The kids are part of an organization that takes a stand for purity and abstinence. Its pretty awesome to see kids desiring to be pure and to go against the culture of sex before marriage. Way to go kids!

I had this conversation with a girl there:

girl: “Do you think we will get mobbed for standing for abstinence?”

me: “Its totally ok if you get persecuted for Jesus! Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!!”

(the girl kinda shakes her head yes and smiles while staring at me. As other girls turn and stare too.)

Hey its the truth. Just thought they should know. πŸ™‚

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