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This is team 1 and team 2 working on team building activities! The Lord was really dealing with me and exposing me and my selfishness during these activities! Help me, Lord!

This is me helping run games the 2nd week with Jeff. He is one of my best friends brothers!

We worked pretty well together…until…

There is one game where you call out random items for the campers to bring into the center and place in the game leaders hands.

Things like a braclet, toilet paper, hair, pastor, or earwax.

Well, without me knowing (since the translator was speaking) Jeff  planned for all the runner who bring the things into the center to have them WIPE the EARWAX (from a campers EAR) onto my ARM!!!!!!!!

It was the most disgusting experience of my life, to this day. I was furious. I stomped off the field.

BUT Jeff apologized and I forgave him and got over my anger. It was actually pretty funny. The campers LOVED it.

Here I am watching intently to make sure no one is doing anything illegal during this game of crab soccer.

Romanians are AMAZING soccer players. And they were even exceptional in this special edition of the game! 🙂 And it was pretty hilarious to watch all these big guys crawling around on the ground!

Katrina sprained her ankle really bad one of the last days at campe the 2nd week! We got to go to a Romanian hospital and they put a cast on it! But the worst part was that she had no crutches for the remaining time and had to be carried everywhere!

She was pretty happy to get back to US and get crutches!

The 2nd week of camp is always HUGE and has older kids. Some of these kids have been coming for 5 years or more! It is really incredible to see them year after year and to watch them grow in love for Jesus!

On our way home after camp and during our flights to the US, we had a layover in Munich, Germany….and while we were there….

We got to go into the CITY! We were only there for about an hour. But it was totally worth it to get to see Munich!!!

All of us walking and taking pictures! Katrina had to be carried because there were no wheel chairs available! The boys were a blessing, to say the least!

Girls in Germany!



2nd week was a week of exposure for me. The Lord was showing me MANY areas where I still needed to become like Him! But He really worked in me!

Not only that but it was incredible to watch the campers worship Jesus. Many were dancing and rejoicing and cry and just experiencing the Lord!

I got to pray and minister with girls almost every night and many got saved! There were also quite a few who were renewed in their passion for Jesus!

The Lord is so good to let us go and minister and share His love with the WORLD!


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It was a pretty busy weekend last week, and a busy end of the week for me.

Here are some pictures of what I did and/or am doing! 🙂

me and katrina1

Katrina and I at our friends Kelly and Ben’s wedding this weekend!! I took my glassess off in this picture. And I like it SOOO much better then the next pictures with glasses.

Jen and I

I got to visit with friends that I don’t see that often during this wedding! Here is Jen! My closest and oldest friend from college!

me and katrina dancing


Then that night a group of us decided to head down to the Dance Barn. That is the official name of the place we went. It was very country, to say the least. There were professional line dancers and a live country band. Everyone was dancing, and I think we were the youngest ones there by about 20 years! And if you were a woman sitting without a date then men of all ages came up and asked you to dance. So I danced with 4 guys ranging probably from 17 to late 60’s. Haha…but it was fun. Here is me and Katrina swing dancing to country music.

me, jen and katrina

the dance barn

Here are the 8 of us that went. Although Katherine is taking the picture. The older woman and older man at the very end of the table were random people that we sat with. I feel bad for them! We were very new to this place and everyone knew it!


dance members

This is what I have been doing the past couple of days! I am been having dress rehearsal for a liturgical dance that I am performing in tonight! We are worshiping the Lord through dance! I have been taking classes all year and this is our finale. This is my first time ever dancing in my life, and some of the girls in my class are 10 or 11. Its very funny but I had a great time doing it! Hopefully next year I will get to take another class and keep learning!

Pray for me tonight that I will worship the Lord and not get nervous!

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What is coming up for me!

April 17-18- Mini-conference with Richard Mull, at IHOP-AC.

April 23-26- Girls beach retreat!! 3 nights, 4 days at the beach on the coast of NC! Friends, food, fun, sun and loving on Jesus!

May 15- Immersed Consecration graduation!

May 30- This is my very first DANCE RECITAL!! I have no idea what I am doing, but hopefully it will be fun! And it will be worshipping Jesus and thats all that really matters!


June 1-7(?)- Trip to Atlanta, GA and then on to Englewood, Florida to visit my family!

June-July- Possible trip to Romania to minister in the camp there!!?? (pray with me!)

August 17- Starts next Immersed Consecration track!!


I’m excited about all thats coming up! There could be more or less! My schedule is always changing and the Lord is always blessing me beyond what I deserve!

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I wanna dance, dance, dance!

I took my first dance class today! It was really fun. I am way out of shape…and I need to lose weight. I am not flexible like the 10 year old’s in my class. But I still had a good time and I am very excited about learning to dance! Woohoo! Here are some fun pictures of me and Gracey! Gracey is taking the class with me too. 🙂

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About once a month the night watch has a night called Techno Tuesday. As the title states, it is on Tuesdays. Our assistant director for The Watch, Nathanael Flock, used to be a dj and is amazing at creating music. Especially techno music. So he makes music and sings scriptures and we turn the lights off and turn some strobe lights on and we dance and sing and worship and pray before the Lord! It is so much fun! I love it! Well I took a video of it…I have quite a few videos to post, but I have to upload them to YouTube first and then put them on here…so I’ll post them sometime when I get them all done. But here are some pictures of Nathanael!

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I have a lot of fun here in the Watch. It started thundering and lightening and so a few of us went and looked outside, and it was raining a little bit. And we really wanted to dance and play and sing to the Lord in the rain so we just went out there and started singing “let it rain, open the flood gates of heaven, let it rain!”

And it started pouring. There were about 5 of us out there. Just singing and worshiping the Lord and dancing. It was so much fun! I love the Lord! He just delights in our worship to Him! He sent the rain, so we could dance and worship and love on Him! He is so awesome! One of the guys took a video so I will post it up soon! 🙂

Lets enjoy God everywhere and in everything!

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On Wednesday night I had the most amazing experience in the prayer room! Something just broke within me and I was able to dance and dance and dance before the Lord! It was amazing! It was during our 4am to 6am intercession set. A bunch of us started dancing and then everyone ended up dancing and we danced for almost the whole 2 hours! It was so awesome just to be free and just enjoy Jesus and dance before Him in joy!

When the morning people came in at 6 am we were still singing and dancing. They were looking at us like we were crazy, and then some of them started dancing too. It was so much fun!

My roommate Audria asked me if I was ok, and I looked at her kinda weird and said “this is me being normal”. So then I realized that the past 2 weeks I really haven’t been acting myself. One guy said he thought I was the kind of girl who was really intense and never wanted to talk to anyone. Then we hung out on Wednesday (before the dancing) and he said he realizes now that I’m not like that. But that started making me think. Why have I not been acting myself? I guess it just took some time to really adjust to being here, and to enjoying being here.

I’ve been so full of joy and excitement, its been amazing! And I am so enjoying my new friends! Its awesome to be able to experience God in such a real way with a group of people who are desiring the same thing. Which I’ve been part of a group like this for about 3 years now. My friends in Lynchburg and my friends in Burlington. I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be part of such awesome communities!

Thank You Jesus for enjoying me and for allowing me the freedom to dance before You!

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