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**I accidentally posted the last post unfinished! I finished it and so now it makes much more sense! 🙂


Today I have had a burden.

I have felt the compassion for another person rise up in my heart.

I have felt the concern.

I have felt the overwhelming desire for everything to be right in that person’s life.

I have felt urgency for God’s will to be done.

For God’s voice to be heard.

For God’s heart to be seen.

I have felt love overtake me and cause me to say, “Oh, God!”

When I feel these things, only one thing can be next.

For prayer’s to bubble forth from my mouth.

To turn all that I feel into intercession for that person.

Because I KNOW only One person can answer these things arising in my heart

I can ONLY call on God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, to make things right.

So today, my heart is heavy and burdened. So I am giving my burden to Him!

He loves this person more than I do. He wants all of the things I am asking for more than I do.

So have Your way, God!

I love that I can feel the burden for another person and pray and know that things can change!

Are you pouring out your burdens before Him?

Matt. 11:28-30


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Things I’m praying for:

1. A new car!

2. Tax money!

3. To have compassion on others…the compassion of Jesus

4. To go to Romania in June/July!


6. To really love others!

7. To go on a missions trip that has to do with Human trafficking

8. For IHOP-AC to be a place of NIGHT and DAY prayer and worship!

9. For Jesus’ bride to be watching, praying and prepared for His 2nd coming!

10) That Jesus would Come quickly! (Rev. 22:17)

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