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Here is my latest list of books that I recommend. I love reading! Check these great books out and check out the other 4 book lists I’ve made too:

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Compelled by Love by Heidi Baker– This book made me want to sell everything and move to Africa and love on little children. Heidi Baker portrays her heart in helping the children because she is compelled by love. This book moved my heart in compassion and love towards those less fortunate. AND it  moved my heart to want to walk in the Spirit like she does. The faith that she has, the power that the Lord is pouring out over there. Read this book, it is incredible and easy to read too!

No Compromise by Melody Green– Oh my goodness. I just read this book about 2 weeks ago. It is AMAZING! This book is about the life and story of Keith Green. This man was a powerful musician and evangelist and discipler. My life is changed because of what God did in this man. He was not ok with compromising Christianity. He was not ok with those who called themselves Christians but never lived like it. This is my hearts cry, so I really connected with this story. It is a must read!!!! I will probably post a whole post on Keith Green sometime.

Let us Pray by Watchman Nee– I’ve been praying and asking God to really make me an intercessor. So I picked this book up off of the shelf at the house where I am staying. Its a great little book, with some PROFOUND revelation on prayer. It has helped me get a better grasp on prayer and what is really going on. If you are at all interested in prayer (which you should be if you are a Christian…I’m just saying) then pick up a copy of this book! It is a great training tool for prayer.

**If you click on the book title it will take you to a place you can purchase the book. If you click the author’s name it will give you furthur information on them! Happy reading**

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The Heavenly Man by Paul Hattaway- This is an amazing story of Brother Yun, a Chinese pastor who has been persecuted in China for years! This book has greatly challenged my faith in the Lord, and challenged me in how much I know of the word! This book is amazing!

Rees Howells Intercessor by Norman Grubb- I can’t even begin to describe how much this book has impacted my life already, and I’m not even finished with it. Every time I read it I feel like I need to get before God. It’s amazing! He has many amazing truths in here! This is a great read for anyone, not just if you feel you’ve been called to live a lifestyle of an intercessor. We all are to intercede and Rees Howells was a great example of what that looks like!

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Christian Perfection by Fenelon- I haven’t read this entire book yet, only because my wonderful friend Wesley, has a copy of it, and is reading it and every time he reads something that is amazing he gets me to read it and it blows me away! I also have not bought this book because it is an old book and trying to get it costs quite a bit. But I will do my searching and shopping in used bookstores so as to get the best value. 🙂 YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK!

Passion for Jesus by Mike Bickle- This was the first book that I read where I felt like someone else in the world understood my hunger for more of God. And it encouraged me that I could actually have more. This book helped bring understanding to me about Intimacy with Jesus.

Humility by Andrew Murray– We are all in desperate need of humility! This is a lifestyle that Jesus promoted over and over again in the Sermon on the Mount and the gospels. This book has so much insight into humility and what it looks like to be lived out!

*Disclaimer- I am not saying that I believe and agree and am saying you should believe everything in these books. They have some awesome things that are biblical and will encourage you to pursue the Lord, but as always search things out in scripture and don’t take anyone’s word for it but what the Lord says!*

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I just wanted to let you know some great books I’ve read in the past or am currently reading. You should definitely check these books out (in no particular order)

The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer- I haven’t finished this book, but what I did read blew my mind away! This book talks about how important it is to really know God. Not just be ok with the image we have in our minds. Its amazing, check it out! The link I have above will let you read the book online for free!

The Shack by William P. Young- This is a fiction story, but this will shift and change the way that you view the Father. Oh my goodness, it has rocked me! I can’t tell you exactly what it is about because it will ruin the story, but read it and you will come away with a better understanding of the Father and His love for you!

The Bride by Rhonda Calhoun- An allegory on Song of Solomon. It is amazing and will put into perspective Jesus as your Bridegroom!

I’ll write more later!

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