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I have many friends who are seriously considering blogging. And so they ask me questions. I’m not an expert and I’ve learned blogging from other blogs. But one blog that has really helped is Confessions of a Cfhusband.

Here is the link for great blogging tips! Go ahead and check it out and get on with your blogging selves! 🙂

This is for you, Tom and Jess. 🙂 And for anyone else wanting blogging tips.

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Prayer for Tricia

I’m asking that we would all join in prayer for Tricia. I’ve written about her a few times. She had a baby while her lungs were failing because of cystic fibrosis. Well she was diagnosed with cancer after her double lung transplant and they did 5 weeks of treatment. The treatment didn’t do what they were expecting. There are more growths, some grew larger, and none went away. So they were pretty discouraged today.

I know that God is the Healer. So what medicine can’t do, He can! Lets pray for the cancer to be gone, in the Name of Jesus!

You can visit their site and find out more information at cfhusband.blogspot.com.

Thank you for joining in prayer with me!

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I have written about Nate, Tricia and Gwyneth a couple times, and now I am asking that you be in prayer for Tricia tomorrow (June 11th) from 7am-10am as she is having tests done that will determine different health issues for her concerning her new lungs. You can check out his blog at cf.husband.blogspot.com and join with everyone in praying for her! God is the healer! He can heal her! Thank you all so much!

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THE MOST AMAZING NEWS EVER! This family that I have posted about before, Nathan, Tricia and Gwyneth Rose. Tricia received a call yesterday and she was in surgery for 8 hours getting her new lungs! God is so amazing! She has been waiting for this for a while, and God is so faithful. One of the coolest things ever is that it was Nathan’s birthday! What a great birthday present! Keep them in your prayers and Tricia is recovering, pray for no infection and that her body wouldn’t reject the new lungs. And pray for Gwyneth that she would continue to grow and gain weight! Thank you guys so much! Visit their website:


Thank you so much!

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I have already mentioned this website in a previous post, but I wanted to mention it again and ask that anyone who reads this post would go and visit this website and pray for this family! Tricia (she has cystic fibrosis) is in need of new lungs and is on the list for a transplant. Her daughter, Gwyneth Rose, is a preemie who is 7 weeks old and is 1lb and 10 oz. Nathan is the husband of Tricia and the father of Gwyneth and has been blogging their journey. Its an incredible story and they are living out what it means to trust in the Lord and to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Click here for the website!

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