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Here are a list of links to blogs that I LOVE reading!!! 🙂


A mommy blogger, Christian and photographer! I love her writing and pictures!

Kelly’s Korner

A mommy blogger, Christian as well, she mostly just writes about her life as a stay at home mom of a toddler and with one on the way!

Kingdom Twindom

This is an amazing blog! This woman LOVES Jesus and she has this blog to inspire and encourage marriages. Her husband cheated on her and they have now been rebuilding their marriage for 4 years since that happened! Incredible testimony. And they have 5 children, two sets are twins!!!

Tatertots & Jello

This is a crafty, decorating blog! I love getting ideas!!

Chatting at the Sky

I just found this one yesterday, but I LOVE IT already. She is a Christian writer and her posts are soooo encouraging and glorifying to the Lord!

Lisa Leonard Designs

Love looking at her pics and she also has an amazing jewelry company! Hand stamped jewelry! Check it out for gifts!

The Nesting Place

A home decor blog! I love her style and ideas for decorating!

Julia’s Poppies Design

An awesome and creative photographer and designer! She is also soo crafty and has tons of DIY’s.


Well, I could probably keep going but I will just limit myself! Enjoy!


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August Newsletter

Here is my August Newsletter! It is a new layout and I’m really excited about it!! Hope you enjoy! I look forward to being back in the blogging game.

YOU look forward to more posts…this time hopefully I’m for real. 🙂

August Newsletter!!

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Its been a long time…

water fight

Me, Wesley and Kirsten during a water fight!!

So I need to apologize to all of you.

I’ve been busy most days, not busy other days and some days just too lazy to post. I was going through another period of time where it was just easier not to post. So I didn’t. I’m sorry.

But here I am!!! I’m back!! 🙂 I have lots to update about…and lots of different things that are going to be take place in the next couple of weeks.

This post is basically just to let you know that I’m back to posting regularly. So be checking back! I am really going to put myself back into this and try to post every day. And to include pictures. To keep the posts interesting, and to keep you guys coming back! 🙂

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IHOP-AC blog post…


IHOP-AC’s blog is up and running. I posted about a month ago, and then it broke. But now we are up and going! There should be a new post every week from someone in the house of prayer here!

CHECK IT OUT!!!! It is a sweet post from Jess Wright.

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Hey all my faithful readers (whoever you are, if there really are any. 🙂

I am back!

I should be done traveling for a while now, or at least two more months. On to our regularly scheduled blogging! 🙂 I am hoping that I will be back to posting at least one post a day! So that means….

You have to come back and check out those posts, because I need people to read them, or you know…why blog? 🙂


So you all know, (maybe?) that the Lord incredibly blessed me with an all-paid-for trip to IHOP-KC in Kansas City, MO. I was able to go with a sweet family that has “adopted” me. The Carrs.

We went to the Passion for Jesus Conference. I said that I would blog about my experience and all. So here I am, finally getting around to it. 🙂

I feel as if I have acutally been living for the Lord for only about 3 and a half years. I’ve been “saved” for 12 years. And what I mean by actually living for the Lord, is that I have given Him all of myself. I am ruined for anything else but Jesus Christ. I can’t live in compromise, and I can’t live in the world and Christianity. I choose Jesus. Nothing else will ever satisfy. And in the past 3 1/2 years I’ve become a completely different person. Oh please don’t get me wrong, I’m messed up and weak, but now I am letting God have His way with me. I’m leaning on Him and letting Him be strong in me. IHOP has had a HUGE impact in the way my life has changed. It is because God has used IHOP in my life. So I’ve been going to conferences and listening to sermons, and teaching and reading books etc…

But I really felt that even though I might hear some of the same things I’ve already heard or that I know at the Passion for Jesus Conference, God was going to do something. There were many amazing speakers and many amazing teachings.

Here is what stood out and what God is continuing to teach me:

1) The youngest Carr girl is Susanna. She is 10 and she is in love with Jesus! She blew me away with the things God was teaching her. She went to the Children’s Equipping Center during the conference. Every time she came back from her session, which lasted between 2-3 hours, she was bubbling with excitement over what God had done! She comes back excited to pray. She tells me how God spoke to her and showed her things. So God is doing something HUGE in the young generation. We cannot hinder the children from coming to Him. God speaks to everyone, even children. I love seeing Him move and what He is doing with those younger then me!

2) Mike Bickle spoke the first night on the First commandment. Which the Lord has been speaking to me about. And the thing that he said that impacted me and stood out was something like this: Most people in the prayer room believe that they are living out the first commandment when they are in the prayer room sitting before the Lord, and that they are living the second commandment out when they are outside of the prayer room. He said this is a wrong perspective. Yes, you are loving God when you are in the prayer room, but when you are in intercession for people, this is loving them. When you can spend hours praying for people, giving up your time because you believe that God is going to break in for them. Or giving up your time because you want God to break in on their situation. This is love. And when we walk outside of the prayer room and live our lives and we choose humility over pride, or we choose not to lust, or we choose to say yes to God in those situations when it is really hard, this is truly loving God…think about that. We have the wrong perspective of the prayer room. I know that I even do sometimes.

3) The Lord blessed me with the opportunity to sit in a Misty Edwards set in the prayer room. It was powerful and spoke to me about His love for me! And how He evaluates us on the heart issues and on how much we love Him. Not based on our ministries, or how many people love us, or how sucessful we are. It was powerful.

4) And last, I went to a break out session on Compassion for the Needy being taught by Benji Nolot. He started the organization called Exodus Cry, for the ending of human trafficking

This is something that the Lord has been speaking to me about. I’ve been praying for the ending of human trafficking, I’ve been having dreams about it and I believe that the Lord is leading me to go on a missions trip to a country where this is a big issue. His session really impacted me because I realized how little compassion I really have on those who are in need. Those who are being oppressed and victimized. So my prayer and cry is that God would put compassion in my heart like He has. That I would pray for the issues that Jesus prays for. That I would weep over the things that He weeps for! Help me God! And I know that He will do it because it is His desire!

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New things…

Here are some new fun things about me so far this summer:

  • I like flowers alot. I never really cared before, but God has been speaking to me through His creation of flowers.
  • I like using lotion more….haha…I used to work at Bath and Body Works and I didn’t use lotion much, but this summer I have started using it.
  • I love writing letters….sending letters through mail or encouraging the people around me with letters.
  • I love getting mail…I love waking up in the morning (afternoon really) and walking out to the mailbox and getting mail! It delights my heart!
  • I love rice pudding…I never knew it until I had it this summer and I am addicted to it! Kozy Shack brand.
  • I like blogging…:)
  • I appreciate good music (instruments) way more
  • I appreciate my friends more…you never know how amazing your friends are until you leave them…
  • I like Mod Podge…decoupaging as a hobby!
  • I really want to pursue playing the piano…for real…I want to be able to play!

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