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I’ve written quite a few posts on abortion. It is a subject I am very passionate about, but not for the sake of being passionate. But because it is on the heart of the Father.

You can read this post.

I’ve written about Rowan, the 22 week old baby that was aborted, but born ALIVE. And then neglected by the abortion clinic personnel and then died. The article is on the right hand side of my blog if you haven’t read about it. Check it out.

I read another blog tonight that compared two stories. The story of a similar case as Rowans. And then a HAPPY LIFE STORY, of someone who DID NOT ABORT THEIR BABY but considered their life so precious that they SAVED his life by performing surgery INSIDE the womb at 21 weeks!!!! Then closing it back up where he continued to live, and then was birthed a healthy baby!



I don’t understand how you could deny that a “fetus” in the womb is a child! Help us Lord! Break in with LIFE in our culture of Death!

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I received this e-mail today:

>Dear Friends, > >I’m writing to let you know about a terrible piece of legislation >called “The Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA). > >FOCA would establish the right to abortion as a fundamental right >(like the right to free speech) and wipe away every restriction on >abortion nationwide. > >It will eradicate state and federal abortion laws that the majority of >Americans support and prevent states from enacting similar protective >measures in the future. > >Please read the expert analysis by Americans United for Life (AUL) and >sign the Fight FOCA petition at: >http://www.FightFOCA.com

Sign this petition to help fight against this Act!!!!!

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Pro-Life Video

Check out this video!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Here is the promo video for this movie. 22 weeks. I wrote about it in a couple of posts.

Read it here.

It is now out on video.

You can buy the DVD HERE!

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about read this article!

We have got to pray for our nation and our President for righteousness and justice to reign! That we would stop murdering our children! Read this post to find out the new laws that our President wants to past to make ALL types of Abortions legal!!!!

Help us Jesus!! End Abortion and send REVIVAL to America!

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Our Bound4Life here in Central North Carolina has put out some information on their blog about the upcoming abortion laws that could be put into effect.

Check out the post HERE.

Check out this website that talks about the information as well.

We really need to pray for our new president and the decisions that he is going to be making!

Lord break in! Have mercy on our land, give our government leaders a spirit of wisdom and revelation about Your Son! Let righteousness and justice reign! Save the babies that are being murdered! Open up the eyes of the people to see the blood that is in our land!

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David Gordon, the director of IHOP-AC, proclaimed a solemn assembly Sunday, Oct. 26th. Taken from Joel 2:15-16.

We are entering into a 10 day solemn assembly and time of fasting. We are fasting food and our time. We are having intercession sets from 6am-8am every morning for the 10 days, from Oct. 26th until Nov. 5th.

We are praying for Joel 2:12 changes. That we, and American would return to the Lord with all our hearts! And while America is crying out for change. We are crying out for mercy! God is the only one who can change anything in America. So we better start asking Him to do it. And that is going to take MERCY!

We are also praying for the elections. It isn’t just about 1 day, and a voting booth and one man. It’s about prayer and asking God to take control of our nation.

We are praying for righteousness and justice to be the foundation of America. America is so busy worrying about the economy and all of these different issues, when really, if we just let God have control, He says He would provide. And we aren’t worried about the issues that really matter. Like that we are murdering innocent children every day.

Actually 50 million since 1973.

Or like the sanctity of marriage. That God created it for a man and a woman. Nothing else.

These are issues of the heart. And we don’t want to deal with them. So we deal with the outer issues that we think we can change and make better. Like the economy. We think we are in control. But we can’t.

Oh God! Have mercy on this nation! We call ourselves a “Christian” nation, yet we stand for wickedness and injustice! This isn’t who you are! You are a righteous and just God! Change our hearts to be in alignment with Your heart! We need You God! Break in, send a spirit of wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of Jesus to America! We have to know You, so that we will be like You! Come God! Have mercy and make us a nation of righteousness and justice! In Jesus Name!

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My friend and roommate, Carol, who I’ve blogged about before and put up pictures, turned the big 20 today! For her present I did one of my new favorite hobbies, I made her a journal. Or actually I designed her a new cover for her old one. And what is her passion? Praying for the ending of Abortion and a culture of life in America. She is head of our Bound4life Central North Carolina.

Here is the finished cover!

The baby on the front is Isabella Grace, my friend Tiffany’s baby. This was when she was 16 weeks in the womb. She is still in the womb, yet to be born. But she is coming soon!

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