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So this part of the post isn’t about Romania…yet. But this is a picture of me and Jess and Kirsten 5 minutes ago!

We are at IHOP-ATLANTA! We were blessed to be able, at the last minute, drive down and attend the Passionate Pursuit Conference.

We are staying with Kirsten’s parents who are so awesome! They just rented an apartment two minutes from IHOP-ATL for 6 months so that they can do an internship!

They love Jesus so much, it’s incredible!

So we don’t even have to use the car at all while we are here. We grabbed our backpacks and walked the short distance.

So here we are, ready to hear from the Lord!

We are here until Sunday afternoon then we head back to Burlington!


We leave for Romania in 6 days! It is crazy!  I feel as if there is so much to do, and then we go away for three days! But God is good!

Here are some things I am praying for, for out team and Romania and myself:


fall in love with Jesus


death to LIFE



walking in the Spirit





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Kinda rough day…

Today was one of those days when people ask you have your day was, and you know God is so good, and you know everything is going to end up amazing, but if you say great, then you feel like you’re being fake, but if you say terrible thats not really true either.

Thats the kind of day I had.

In the prayer room the Lord was really exposing my heart. Most of the things were the same things He has been dealing with me about for a while now.

Issues of pride and frustration. Man I sure do get in the way, a lot. My spirit is willing buy my flesh is weak. And so my pride can jump up so high. I want to go so low though! So the Lord is showing me my pride and allowing me to repent and just letting Him take over.

I just want to rest in Him and abide in His love and let Him complete the good work that He has started in me! So thats what I am going to do for the rest of tonight.

Thank You, Lord for Your forgivness and Your goodness! I thank You for being so amazing and sweet to me! And I thank You that its all about You and not me! And I can’t do anything to change myself, only You can! I rest in what You can do! I love you!

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Yesterday I had a class on meditation. We believe that as we meditate on the Word of God that it will become real and alive in our hearts and we will encounter the God of the bible! So as we learned some practical tips like reading the verse, writing the verse, saying the verse, singing the verse and praying the verse, we decided to go into the prayer room and actually do it. So we all meditated on the verse John 15:9.

John 15:9 has actually had a huge impact on my life. My first trip to Romania, which was in March of 2006, the Lord used this verse. I had been praying about getting a tattoo that would represent this missions trip, and I would be able to add on to it. Well, God shattered some of my ways of thinking to do with love. It was awesome!

John 15:9 says “Just as the Father has loved Me, so I have loved you; abide in My love.

I had never heard or read this verse before this trip to Romania. My friend Nathan was sharing some things the Lord was speaking to him and this was one of them. That we need to learn to abide in the Lord’s love. Oh my goodness. What does it mean to abide in the Lord’s love? Well, God was teaching me how much He loves me and how amazing this love is and that I don’t abide in it but seek for this kind of love in people. After this trip I decided to get a tattoo of the Romanian word for the word abide. And for every missions trip that I go on I am going to add a heart around this word. So eventually it will be the hearts surrounding the word abide, and it will be abiding in His love. A reminder that I need every day!

So here we are meditating on this verse. It says as the FATHER loves JESUS, this is how much JESUS loves US! Can you believe that? How crazy is that!? Satan likes to come in and have us believe something different, but this is what the WORD OF GOD says! Imagine how much the FATHER loves His SON? Its mind blowing. We can’t imagine something like that. And thats how much Jesus loves us! Wow, if we even understood a little bit of this love, our lives would be completely changed.

As I was meditating, the Lord was also reminding me of the verse in 1 John 4 that says perfect love cast out fear. This is the love that we are to abide in. The perfect love of Jesus Christ. And all fear, worry, anxiety should flee! It should be gone! AMEN! I want all fear and worry and anxiety to be gone in my life!

What does it mean to abide? It means to remain in something forever. Continually, never leaving a place. And this is how it is supposed to be with the love of God in our lives. How many times do we question if God loves us? Or we think He is mad at us because we sinned. But this verse says that He loves us like the Father loves Him, and we are to remain in this love forever! No matter what! This speaks volumes about our God. Because He is saying, even in your weakest moments, I still love you so much, abide in this love. He is saying I want you to abide in my love, and I know what mistakes you are going to make. But I still love you, abide in My love.

So here I am sitting in the prayer room every day, trying to abide in His love, and things are coming at me from every where. I am worrying about man’s love for me. I am worrying about not being loved. I am worrying about being rejected. I am frustrated that I am not abiding in His love. But at the end of it all, I am still going to give myself to resting and abiding in His love. Its by His grace that I can even do it.

Thank you JESUS! You are so beautiful and amazing! I love to be loved by You! You are the perfect love my heart has desired my entire life! You know exactly how to love me! You satisfy me! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

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