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Immersed LogoImmersed Consecration four month internship for the spring is over!

New things are going to be happening and changes are going to be taking place.

I slacked on the last day of my favorite song, because I was so busy with the Immersed graduation.

Tomorrow I will be moving. I’ll update more probably tomorrow night when I am settled or Monday.

Jesus is good. I love Him! 🙂


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Oh how much I enjoy posting fun and silly posts. They are sooo much easier. Haha…which is probably the reason I haven’t posted anything serious lately. I’m at a lazy blogging place…hopefully it will pass soon. Until then…here is ANOTHER not seious post. 🙂

I tried finding a picture of my new and *awesome* bathing suit. But I could only find it on a model. And I don’t really want to put pictures of model’s in bathings suits on my blog. But maybe I’ll take a picture of it not on and post it after the beach or something. But I did get the amazing bathing suit. It covers EVERYTHING! Woohoo! 🙂 It looks like a one piece but it is actually a two piece, but not exactly a tankini. It’s black and white polka dot! Ok..enough about the bathing suit…on to more important news…



This is where I will be spending Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

I know I’ve written already a couple of times about my trip to the beach, but I am THRILLED to be going!!! I have NEVER been to a beach on the coast of North Carolina before.

The weather is supposed to be sunny/partly cloudy with NO chances of rain and highs of 75! It sounds like it is going to be PERFECT weather!!!

These are the girls that are going:

Jess 100_0010


Jess, Becky, me and Kirsten!!!!

Oh the fun that we will get ourselves into! Oh the love that we will sing to Jesus, oh the prayers that we will pray that shift the heavens! Oh the sun that will warm our skin, the sand that will get between our toes, the dresses that we will wear! Oh the time will be well spent together!

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Kirsten, Jesse and Jess!

Kirsten, Jesse and Jess


Me with my tennis face. 🙂


My tennis partner, Benjamin!


The opposing team, Wesley




Sam and Wesley were the winners…but it was a really close game! We have had so much fun playing tennis lately. About 2-3 times a week! Woohoo for some exercise! 🙂

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What is coming up for me!

April 17-18- Mini-conference with Richard Mull, at IHOP-AC.

April 23-26- Girls beach retreat!! 3 nights, 4 days at the beach on the coast of NC! Friends, food, fun, sun and loving on Jesus!

May 15- Immersed Consecration graduation!

May 30- This is my very first DANCE RECITAL!! I have no idea what I am doing, but hopefully it will be fun! And it will be worshipping Jesus and thats all that really matters!


June 1-7(?)- Trip to Atlanta, GA and then on to Englewood, Florida to visit my family!

June-July- Possible trip to Romania to minister in the camp there!!?? (pray with me!)

August 17- Starts next Immersed Consecration track!!


I’m excited about all thats coming up! There could be more or less! My schedule is always changing and the Lord is always blessing me beyond what I deserve!

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Every thursday, Immersed Consecration, gets the priviledge of going over to The Carr’s house for dinner and fellowship. This past Thursday we celebrated Passover. This represents the Last Supper that Jesus had with His disciples before He was crucified, (which would be today, Good Friday).

Jolie Carr loves Israel and loves the feasts that they celebrate. These feasts were also the feasts that Jesus Himself celebrated.

It was a very eventful night! The tables were all decorated, and we had traditional food that they would eat on Passover: Lamb, bitter herbs, wine (sparkling grape juice), and this special bread. During a traditional Passover you have all kinds of things going on during the meal. It was incredible!

This holiday is what most Jewish people celebrate. Jews do not believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, their Messiah.

Christians believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And there are those called Messianic Jews who are Jewish but who do realize that Jesus is the Messiah!

This meal has so many symbolism to Jesus’ life and death! I love it!

Here are pictures:

Jesse Taitt and Benjamin Wells

Jesse Taitt and Benjamin Wells!

Kirsten Huth and me!

Kirsten Huth and I!

The teen girls!

These are the teenage girls (13 and 14) that torture the boys ever Thursday 😉

brother and sister!

Wesley and Kirsten, can’t ya tell they are brother and sister?

The youngest ones!

The two youngest, Nathan and Susanna

The booklet we read out of

This was the booklet that Jolie made and that we read out of for Passover.

Jess, Gracey and I!

Jess, Gracey, and I!

Jolie and I!

Jolie, the one who made it all HAPPEN! She is amazing!

John Guetterman and Jenny Belle Isle

John and Jenny Belle Isle

Shawn and Josh!

Our new friend Shawn teaching Josh some piano skills…

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This is what the Immersed Consecration spends their Monday afternoons doing:

Wesley and his workout machine!

Wesley working extremely hard on this very difficult machine! 🙂

Kirsten working it!

Kirsten, (Wesley’s sister), was a manwoman on this machine!

Jess going at it!

Go Jess, go! She knows how to work those weights! 🙂

Sammo the punchster!

Sammo, the punchster!


If you look closely in the background, you will see WONDERFUL paintings! We have been blessed with a workout room from David Rickman’s grandfather. And he happens to be a professional painter of art! It is awesome! We work out surround by beautiful pieces of art!

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Hey folks! Here is my February newsletter! Finally, I know. I am really awful and getting these things out on time. But I am praying that the Lord will help me in the area of self-discipline! The March newsletter will be out on time!…hopefully. 🙂


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