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Romania Pictures Week 2


We played volleyball all the time. Romanians are AMAZING at basically ALL sports! This is me jumping…and I’m pretty sure there is no ball coming…oh well…:)

horse!!We definitely thought that these horses were…wild…but they weren’t. Someone around this camp property owned them and they wandered around in the pack eating the grass. This one actually got loose and was really annoyed about something. We followed him…from a distance…and he went back home himself.

small group with girls

Me, Hannah and Katrina helped lead this small group of girls every day. We had a good time, it was very hard to get the girls talking and open. But by the end of the week the Lord was moving on a lot of them. It was really amazing.

Abby and IThis is Abby and I. They “adopted” me into their family so she is like a little sister! 🙂 This was her first missions trip and she is 14 years old! It really changed her life in an amazing way! I love it when God does things like that. Especially at a younger age! Keep her loving you Jesus!


Just a random picture of me sitting and hanging out.


This was mud games week 2 and I did NOT participate. That is me in the background with the hat on observing. That was all I was going to do this time. AND some boys put some cow manure in the mud and so it SMELLED TERRIBLE!! There was no way I was getting in that. But it didn’t stop those kids! They had a blast!

jumping for joy!!!!!

Me, Kirsten and Becca. This was one of our last nights there and we went out to dinner at a pizza place. It was such a treat and it was soooooo good!!! We were having fun outside taking jumping pictures. I think this is the only one that came close to getting all three of us in the air.

me and kirsten

This is when we were saying goodbye to the campers and to Bazna House of Prayer. They were the Romanians who helped translate and were just AMAZING we could not have done it without them!!


The last day we were there we went to a church service. It was all in Romanian except for the preaching, because our Pastor from here in America preached! It was really amazing, I LOVE being in church services in other languages and watching them worship the same wonderful God as we do!


Thats all the pictures I have of the trip. It was amazing, and challenging and maturing and hard all at the same time. God is amazing and I am glad that He could use me in some small way in another country bringing Jesus to people!!!


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August Newsletter

Here is my August Newsletter! It is a new layout and I’m really excited about it!! Hope you enjoy! I look forward to being back in the blogging game.

YOU look forward to more posts…this time hopefully I’m for real. 🙂

August Newsletter!!

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