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travelingThis is the team on the way over to Romania! Want to hear a funny story? While most everyone used the escalators to go up or down levels, I would race them and use the stairs, to see if I could beat them. Some of the stairs were incredibly steep. One time, I think it was in Paris, I was racing down the stairs. But the first person from our team was beating me down! There were about 5 more steps left before I was at the bottom, so I jumped them all to make it down first! Well I made it before that person, but I hit really hard and I had my backpack on, so I dropped to the floor. Totally involuntarily. There were tons of people all around looking at me. And it did hurt, haha, my knees had carpet burn!

team pursuitAll of us in Paris! We had a four hour layover, and the part of the airport we were in didn’t have chairs, or benchs. So we found this staircase, and it had a platform at the top. We played cards, ate each others snacks (Paris is EXPENSIVE!), and napped.


Here we are again…this is the FUNNIEST picture ever! I think we were pretty tired by now…this is in Romania, but still one more flight to go!

painting with Katrina1

Katrina and I, first day of camp! We were put to work! 🙂 We were painting some pieces of wood that were going to be used for something…can’t quite remember what.

game leaders1

Here are the game leaders!!  L to R: Me, Dragos, Claudius, and Jesse. See the paper in my hand? Basically I wasn’t a real game leader. I just kept track of the VERY important scores. One member from the winning team one an MP3 player. Which was a pretty big deal! 🙂

me, jesse, jen1

I just LOVE this picture. Thats why I’m putting it on here…no story. We just posed for a picture! 🙂

me, percida1

This is me with Persida. She is from Bazna House of Prayer. She is an intercessory missionary just like me but in Romania! There was a team from BHOP that were there leading the camp with us. They were AMAZING! God has anointed them so much! They had a HUGE impact on the campers AND the American team! They also were the ones that translated to us!

i think bugs

I zoomed in on this picture because its really funny. I think the reason I look like this is because of BUGS! The bugs there were crazy!!! We were outside like 90% of the time, and the bugs were crazy!!! This day the leaders were together having worship outside…and I kept getting distracted by the bugs crawling and flying around me.

jenandiLike the 2nd or 3rd day of camp, inspectors came to inspect the camp to see if it was up to standard. So we had to evacuate the camp. All leaders and campers climb up this mountain and played games on the top of it! It was really BEAUTIFUL! This is me and Jen, you can see some of the mountains in the background.

me in the mud

One of the days for games we did a MUD DAY! I didn’t play games usually because I was a game leader, but this day I totally had to participate! I can’t pass up MUD!!! This part of the game was to get as MUDDY as possible! It was SOO disgusting. My hair weighed like a ton, I could barely lift up my head, and it took FOREVER to get the mud and sticks out of it!

mud strength!

This was BEFORE the last picture. We had to put our hands in the mud pit, and our legs outside of it, and hit a ball with our heads through the OTHER players hands. Kirsten and I played against each other…this is my winning pose. Haha!

sadjenandmeWeek 1 of camp is over. Jen was heading back to America. We were sad. I think this is really cute.

groupweek1This is the last day. All of the leaders and campers of week 1! It was a blast!


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