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It was a pretty busy weekend last week, and a busy end of the week for me.

Here are some pictures of what I did and/or am doing! 🙂

me and katrina1

Katrina and I at our friends Kelly and Ben’s wedding this weekend!! I took my glassess off in this picture. And I like it SOOO much better then the next pictures with glasses.

Jen and I

I got to visit with friends that I don’t see that often during this wedding! Here is Jen! My closest and oldest friend from college!

me and katrina dancing


Then that night a group of us decided to head down to the Dance Barn. That is the official name of the place we went. It was very country, to say the least. There were professional line dancers and a live country band. Everyone was dancing, and I think we were the youngest ones there by about 20 years! And if you were a woman sitting without a date then men of all ages came up and asked you to dance. So I danced with 4 guys ranging probably from 17 to late 60’s. Haha…but it was fun. Here is me and Katrina swing dancing to country music.

me, jen and katrina

the dance barn

Here are the 8 of us that went. Although Katherine is taking the picture. The older woman and older man at the very end of the table were random people that we sat with. I feel bad for them! We were very new to this place and everyone knew it!


dance members

This is what I have been doing the past couple of days! I am been having dress rehearsal for a liturgical dance that I am performing in tonight! We are worshiping the Lord through dance! I have been taking classes all year and this is our finale. This is my first time ever dancing in my life, and some of the girls in my class are 10 or 11. Its very funny but I had a great time doing it! Hopefully next year I will get to take another class and keep learning!

Pray for me tonight that I will worship the Lord and not get nervous!

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Its been a long time…

water fight

Me, Wesley and Kirsten during a water fight!!

So I need to apologize to all of you.

I’ve been busy most days, not busy other days and some days just too lazy to post. I was going through another period of time where it was just easier not to post. So I didn’t. I’m sorry.

But here I am!!! I’m back!! 🙂 I have lots to update about…and lots of different things that are going to be take place in the next couple of weeks.

This post is basically just to let you know that I’m back to posting regularly. So be checking back! I am really going to put myself back into this and try to post every day. And to include pictures. To keep the posts interesting, and to keep you guys coming back! 🙂

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I baked!!!

Me cooking!

Well folks. I did something that I don’t usually do today.

I baked!

This is a really big accomplishment! 🙂 I rarely cook, mostly just use the microwave.

But I decided to get creative!

I moved into Carol’s apartment again, and we had eggs that were going to expire today, and butter that was going to expire in two days. We had sugar and we had flour.

And thats about it. So I looked up a recipe for sugar cookes!

They turned out better then anything I have ever cooked! I am really proud. See up there? That picture, yeah I had to take a picture of this.

I also had to have someone who could taste test them while they were still hot, so I called my friends John and Gracey (who live in the same apartment complex) and walked over and gave them some of the cookies. They said they were good!

And I also found a bag of andes mints in the back of the cupboard and broke them in two pieces and stuck them in the cookies! They taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream! Mmmmm….good. 🙂
Check out the recipe and try them for yourselves! If I can do it, you definitely can! 🙂

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Immersed LogoImmersed Consecration four month internship for the spring is over!

New things are going to be happening and changes are going to be taking place.

I slacked on the last day of my favorite song, because I was so busy with the Immersed graduation.

Tomorrow I will be moving. I’ll update more probably tomorrow night when I am settled or Monday.

Jesus is good. I love Him! 🙂

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I picked this song “Rescue” by Desperation Band.

I was mostly influenced to pick this song because of some events that happened tonight. Not directly to me, but that indirectly affects me. I always listen to this song when I am going through something sad.

Not the same rough stuff that I’ve been blogging about. But some OLD rough stuff.

Something that the Lord is bringing closure to.

And when He is doing something like that, killing something inside of me that doesn’t need to be there, that’s when I cry out:

I need You, Jesus, to come to my rescue!

And you know what? EVERY time I pray that, He comes to my rescue. He is pretty amazing like that. You can always count on Him. He wants to come to my rescue.

If you ask Him to do that for you, He will do it! I know we all need rescuing! 🙂

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For day three I choose “How He loves us” by John Mark McMillian.

Why? Because it portrays the love that God has for us! It makes me fall in love with Him all over because I am reminded about the depths of love that come from His heart!

Do you know how much He loves you?

Listen to this song and be reminded!!! 🙂

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Day two (in my favorite song a day for a week posts) brings us the song “A little longer” by Jenn Johnson!

The first time I heard this song was in the basement of a house I lived in 2 years ago, in Lynchburg,Va. I remember it so clearly! My friend Gracey and I would go down there to pray and worship. I went down there to meet her one day in January of 2007 and she had made me a cd with songs on it.

This song was on it! When I listened to it it changed my life!

Seriously. I was at this place in my life where I just couldn’t “do” Christianity anymore. I was tired of trying to be a Christian and failing so many times! But the Lord had begun to work in me and started teaching me to stop striving and just “be”. Let Him have His way with me, and stop doing it in my own strength.

Christianity isn’t about a list of rules that we need to accomplish and check off. Oh no. Its about a relationship with the greatest Man ever. And the greatest thing is that we CAN”T do it or make it or be good enough! We have to let Jesus do it! He has washed us clean, He makes us good! Its all about Him!

I just need to stop “doing” so much, and sit with Him! Love on Him a little longer.

Don’t we all need to stop being so busy and just love Jesus?



Next up I want to let you guys know that my newsletter for April is ready!!!!




And a sweet baby girl passed away last night. Her name was Kayleigh. Please check out her blog, pray for her family, maybe leave them a comment and encouragement! They need it right now! And they love God so much, it is an incredible testimony.

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