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me on the lawn mower


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Excerpt from my journal from today. 6:50 p.m. This is my description of Jesus.

I love Him. He is so beautiful.

And you know what? He is a mystery.

Just when I think I know something about Him, I realize I do not know Him.

Sometimes I just stare. I can’t look away.

He holds my gaze.

I’m mesmerized by those eyes. I’ve never seen eyes like His.

Smoldering with jealousy and love. I see the flames of love flickering in them.

And I sense that when I am looking into those eyes, my eyes are a reflection.

How can I not return that gaze? I’m ruined by this mysterious Man with eyes of fire.

I long to give more.

He looks at me with those eyes and I haven’t done anything to deserve it.

Yet there He is. Looking at me.

Oh what a wonderous love we have. His eyes scream “I love you!”

And my heart is undone! I scream “I love You too!”

I have to.

There is nothing else in life except this Love. Everything comes from this Love.

Oh this Man.

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here is the suit…


Here is the infamous bathing suit. It looks as if it is a one piece but its not! 🙂 I love it! It is perfect! Thanks Mom so much! I love you!!! 🙂

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us in the pool!

In the pool having fun, before we were sun burnt.

At an old house

This house is really old. So we went on the porch and took pictures in the rocking chairs! This is in Beaufort, NC.

Me and Jess with Becky!!

Me and Jess with our lovely host mom, Becky! She treated us to this amazing weekend and we LOVED it!

us again

Another picture in front of an old house. We had time to spare so we took a bunch of pictures.

My painted toes!

Random picture of my pretty painted toenails! 🙂


We are back from our beautiful beach retreat! I had an awesome time. I don’t think I had a favorite part, because I enjoyed the whole thing! We just relaxed, slept in, reminisced about our lives to each other,  shared story after story, laughed, ate lots of delicious food, played in the pool, almost burned ourselves in the hot tub, got too many sun rays, could barely move or walk or do anything after that part.

We got dressed up on Saturday for dinner and we went to this sweet little town on the water called Beaufort (and I heard A Walk to Remember was filmed there) to have a nice gourmet dinner. We got there a little early before our reservation so we walked around the town and took tons of pictures and went in little shops.

Then it was time to go eat dinner. We were hungry to. We get to this little place and we sit down and order our drinks. And we then start to read our menus only to realize that there wasn’t anything that we would really eat. And we didn’t want to waste the money on something we wouldn’t like so I mentioned this to Becky.

So she unashamedly walked to the host person and told them that we were going to need to leave because there wasn’t anything we would eat! So we took the “walk of shame” as Kirsten called it, and walked out! We weren’t sure where we were going to go but we needed something with a bit more variety.

We ended up at Outback and we all ate amazing meals that we absolutely LOVED! I had my FAVORITE meal ever! Lobster and their victoria filet steak! Oh my goodness, it was to die for! I haven’t had that meal in a couple of years!

Today we were so sunburned and uncomfortable that we didn’t even go to the beach! We just watched a movie and relaxed inside. Then we cleaned up our condo and hit the road! We got treated to yummy ice cream and candy on our way home too.

It was a great weekend! I loved it! The Lord is so good to us and we are tremendously blessed! Thank You Jesus for this amazing trip and all the little blessings that You shower on us! I love You!!!!!!!!!!!

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Beach trip arrival!

going to the beach

Walking to our 2nd round at the beach for the day…

Kirsten after our first 3 hours in the sun!

Kirsten, relaxing for a bit after lunch

Sweet jess!

Jess smiling away, this was before she played in the ocean and it smashed her face into the ground. Those pictures will be to come. (And she is not seriously injured, only minorly.)

Me!Me, super excited that I am finally here at the beach! Woohoo!


Our trip started out later then we expected, but all was good and off we went! We talked, and talked and talked the whole way. It really didn’t seem like a long trip to me at all because we were so busy talking. I loved it!

Then we met up with Kirsten’s older sister Daniella. We ate at her favorite Mexican restaurant. She happens to live in a town that we were going right through on our way to the beach! We sat and did some more talking! Her sister is so amazing and she trains k-9’s for a living in the Marines! She has led a really interesting life, so we got to ask all about it!

Next we stopped and picked up breakfast food for the next morning.

Then we decided to make a stop at the beach first! So we all got out and walked and put our feet in the water. Realized it is still FREEZING and turned around and walked back to the car.

Then we arrived at the cute and colorful condo!

We picked our rooms and hit the sacks!

2nd day was full of sleeping in (a little bit), eating yummy food and relaxing in the sun. We hit up the beach and the heated pool. Then we went back later to the beach for a couple of hours. Then Kirsten and I hit up the tennis courts. Which, by the way, was the first time I ever have played on clay courts. It was really fun and different. Then we went back to the pool and got in the hot tub!

We all have red faces and I have splotchy red and white. Because of the stinking sun tan lotion. It must have come off or I didn’t put it on evenly or something. But hopefully the tan will even out over the weekend.

Then we ate a scrumptious dinner of steak and veggie stir fry and lemonade pie. After that we sat and worshiped Jesus and had some time of prayer.

Now: bed and I get to wake up and have another wonderful day all over again! Tomorrow’s promising to be even more exciting!!


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It has been a while since I posted a serious post. The last one was April 6th! I’m sorry about that. I even had a reader post a comment and say they enjoy my articles! (Sometimes I wonder if they are real readers or just posting a comment) but it made me feel better. And it even gave me an itch to get past this lazy blogging phase and into more deep and divine things! I write ideas down in my journal in the prayer room during the day, and highlight them in yellow. But I haven’t gone back and looked at those ideas for a while. It seems like it is about time. So I will…very soon.

****Oh and if you’ve seen me blog about Stellan before and I’ve  asked you to pray for him,well he had surgery yesterday and is doing MUCH better! Praise the Lord! You can go to MckMama’s sight to check out the newest updates!****


Tom Burns just had a birthday! I’ve written about him before, and mentioned that him and his wife Becky are housing me and Jess. She is an Immersed intern. They have been so wonderful to us! We are blessed and we love them and praise the Lord for them! Here are pictures from his birthday!!


Becky preparing the amazing steak kabobs!


We also had twice baked potatoes which are DELICIOUS! And not picture was the lemonade pie that fantastic and mouth watering!


This is the birthday boy! Tom Burns!

Tom and his new bird bath!

And his sweet wife bought him a bird bath for the backyard where all the gold finches play!


Here are some random pictures I just feel like posting! 🙂

pink leg warmers

I have leg warmers. I usually wear them just for the practical use of warming my legs. Here is my pink leg warmers. With a black dress and black leggings and red shoes. Not much of a fashion statement.

brown legwarmers

These are my brown ones. I wore them today. Why? Because I don’t have ANY clean pants, only capri’s and shorts. So I wore capri’s and added my leg warmers to keep warm. The flip flops looked way better then flats. So I went with it.

my crazy snow day outfit

This was a snow day back in Feb. it was cold in the house but all of my pajama bottoms were dirty (do you see a trend here? Yeah, I don’t do laundry very often) and so I put on shorts, but I knew my legs would get cold so I threw on my awesome green and blue striped knee length socks! They even match my shorts! The shirt was homemade when I was in 10th grade! Many years ago…

jess and i with our sweat bands

Another fashion statement…sweat bands. Oh they are so cool…:)

mom's b-day card

And one of my latest card creations…my mom’s b-day card!


I also have a pretty cool story to share with you guys. I got an e-mail from my friend Nathan who owns an amazing web optimizing company, and he sent one of is clients to my blog to learn about linking to websites and he likes what we are doing and decided to support IHOP-AC! Isn’t that awesome! I knew these blogs were good for something! He is one of Nathan’s clients and has a custom fabrication and welding service. So check out his website and support him! 🙂 Who knows you might need custom fabrication or welding services in the future! 🙂

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Oh how much I enjoy posting fun and silly posts. They are sooo much easier. Haha…which is probably the reason I haven’t posted anything serious lately. I’m at a lazy blogging place…hopefully it will pass soon. Until then…here is ANOTHER not seious post. 🙂

I tried finding a picture of my new and *awesome* bathing suit. But I could only find it on a model. And I don’t really want to put pictures of model’s in bathings suits on my blog. But maybe I’ll take a picture of it not on and post it after the beach or something. But I did get the amazing bathing suit. It covers EVERYTHING! Woohoo! 🙂 It looks like a one piece but it is actually a two piece, but not exactly a tankini. It’s black and white polka dot! Ok..enough about the bathing suit…on to more important news…



This is where I will be spending Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!!

I know I’ve written already a couple of times about my trip to the beach, but I am THRILLED to be going!!! I have NEVER been to a beach on the coast of North Carolina before.

The weather is supposed to be sunny/partly cloudy with NO chances of rain and highs of 75! It sounds like it is going to be PERFECT weather!!!

These are the girls that are going:

Jess 100_0010


Jess, Becky, me and Kirsten!!!!

Oh the fun that we will get ourselves into! Oh the love that we will sing to Jesus, oh the prayers that we will pray that shift the heavens! Oh the sun that will warm our skin, the sand that will get between our toes, the dresses that we will wear! Oh the time will be well spent together!

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