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Merry Christmas Newsletter

Here is my promised December Newsletter! Before Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!

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Sweet days…

I’m still alive. 🙂 I made it home safely to Florida without ANY car problems! Praise the Lord! I made it home Friday night around 2:30 a.m. I spent all day Saturday with my family. I rode a horse with my nephew Logan, and watched them play in “snow”. Which in Florida consists of crushed ice. But they had a blast.

Yesterday was a long awaited day at Bush Gardens! Oh my was it a fun time. The lines were like a 5 minute wait. The weather was absolutely amazing. About 60 degrees. Not too warm and not cold at all. I loved it!

I have pictures to come of both days.

Today I spent more time with my family. I took  Ethan and Logan to the mall to play in the play thingy and to chick-fil-a to play in the playground. My niece Josie came too. Praise the Lord too because 2 boys age 4 and 2 are crazy!

That basically consists of my trip so far. Lots of time with my wonderful family. I’m having a great time!

Pictures to come! Have a blessed few days before Christmas!

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I am feeling good yesterday and today! Praise the Lord!

I guess it was a 24 hour thing that I was sick with. Praise the Lord that He is faithful and I am feeling good!!


I have have a couple more days left before I leave for my road trip to Florida. Until then, my days are full of prayer room time with Jesus, wonderful time with friends, eating yummy foods and getting things packed up.

I like to cheat when it comes to packing. I usually do my laundry a couple days before, then I fold it all in my hamper, and put it in my car. And there it stays until I get home and unload. Easiest way to pack ever. Well, except that it is in the 30’s -50’s here in North Carolina, and it is not that weather in Florida. So I will have to adjust some. But still, I’m feeling good about my easy packing and my road trip!


Something else I’m feeling good about is worshiping Jesus! Oh man was today spectacular! We had to leave the actually physical room of the prayer room early today. They were installing a new sound system. So the 6 or 7 of us headed to a small  back room and decided to do prayer and worship there.

Well, my friend David Rickman who I posted about here, went to a house of prayer in California called the Refuge House of Prayer. Something they did there was have every person in the room sing through a chapter in the Psalms. He said it was awesome. So that is what we decided to do today.

Everyone sang, regardless of whether you could sing or not. It was powerful! We did it for about an hour and a half. We sang through chapters 90, 91, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100. Each person did a different chapter. Wow was it amazing. We just sang scripture. It does something to your heart, because The Word is living and active!

A quick testimony of the power of singing the scriptures and to make myself vulnerable:

I was really struggling as we came into this meeting. The Lord was really showing things in my heart, and I was battling with taking every thought captive. Love was not in my heart in these moments. It was really awful. And I didn’t want to sing the Psalms. I can’t sing, and so therefore I wasn’t going to. So everyone else sang a chapter. And by the time they all finished like 6 chapters, my heart was completely softened. I had been singing and declaring the praises of the Lord and the goodness of the Lord and I couldn’t stay in the attitude that I was in. If I was, then it would be a conscious decision to not be in the Lord’s presence and I wasn’t about to do that. So I gave in and sang with the rest of them. Then we got to chapter 97 and everyone else had sang. And all of them looked at me. One gently nudges me with his foot, the other loudly exclaims, “come on, Manders!” I knew I was supposed to sing. I wanted to sing. The words already had the power to melt my hardened heart. But I cannot sing. But I had to do it, so after they encouraged me some, and the guitarist found a chord progression I could try to sing to, I began. And by the second or third line I was belting it!

There was freedom for me in this! By the end of it, I was intoxicated with the presence of the Lord. It was amazing! God is so wonderful and beautiful and I want to declare His works and His goodness to all people! He is amazing! He reigns over all this earth. Whether you want Him to or not, and whether you believe He does or not. His existence and position does not changed based on mere humans beliefs.

He is alive and He is reigning! Bless God!

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For all of you who are reading this today, December 15th. Please pray for me. I am sick. I think maybe food poisoning or something awful like that.

Pray for healing. I’m off to bed for a while!

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The end of this year we call 2008 is looking like it will be an exciting one for me!

My traveling starts on the 20th. Where I will be driving to my parents house of Florida for Christmas.

On Sunday the 21st I will be going to Busch Gardens, in Tampa, Florida, with my sister, her husband, her two boys and my two nieces. It will be a lot of fun! I can’t wait. I will get to play in all of the kids park, and I won’t look weird because I will actually have kids with me! 🙂

From the 22nd until the 24th I will be running around getting in all my visits with friends.

The 24th we will go to a Christmas Eve service and then we celebrate Christmas that night.

Christmas day will  be a day of relaxing with family.

Off I drive back to North Carolina on the 26th. Last time I drove back here, my car broke down and delayed me by a day. This cannot happen this day. I will leave early in the morning and hope to make it back that night.

Because the 27th through the 2nd I will be in Kansas City, Missouri! I will be at the OneThing Conference. A group of 15 of us are driving out there the 27th. It is roughly a 15 hour drive. Then the conference starts the 28th and goes until the 31st. We will be staying until Friday so that we can get some time in the prayer room at IHOP-KC.

When I get back on the 2nd, I am then getting in my car and driving an hour away from where I live here in Burlington to visit my wonderful friends the Sloanes! I am going to be staying with them for the weekend to catch up.

Then back in the prayer room!! The 12th starts the Immersed Consecration!! Where I will not be going anywhere basically for 4 months! Woohoo! I’m really excited about this time and what God is doing here at IHOP-AC.

So these are my traveling days ahead. I’m sure there will be many posts about my trips as well as many pictures! So look forward to more!!

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November Newsletter!

Here ya go folks! Finally my November newsletter. I am almost caught up! Hallelujah!

FYI, click this link and it will bring up another page with a November newsletter link, click that link and wait a few minutes for Adobe Reader to open. It will work. 🙂


Coming before Christmas: MY DECEMBER NEWSLETTER!!!

All Decked out for the holidays! Woohoo! 🙂

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I had the privilege of teaching at our Encountering God Service last night.

I taught on our identity as sons, bride and priests. Because God is our Father, Jesus is the Bridegroom and they are worthy to be ministered to, and to partner with their heart in intercession!

You can click this link to get the notes:


And you can listen to the teaching here (won’t be available until Monday):


Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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