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I have already mentioned this website in a previous post, but I wanted to mention it again and ask that anyone who reads this post would go and visit this website and pray for this family! Tricia (she has cystic fibrosis) is in need of new lungs and is on the list for a transplant. Her daughter, Gwyneth Rose, is a preemie who is 7 weeks old and is 1lb and 10 oz. Nathan is the husband of Tricia and the father of Gwyneth and has been blogging their journey. Its an incredible story and they are living out what it means to trust in the Lord and to be followers of Jesus Christ.

Click here for the website!

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Horton hears a Who is a book by Dr. Seuss that is a prophetic word for America! This is also a book that was turned into a video and it is coming out March 14th. God wants America to see what is happening in our land. The shedding of innocent blood that is happening! READ THIS BOOK! Watch this video below. It is Lou Engle explaining the dream the Lord gave to a young girl, and what it means concerning abortion and America.

The theme of the book is every voice must be counted. “A person is a person no matter how small!” Everyone in the world will agree with this, but what about the person in the womb!? At IHOP-AC we are praying that this movie will open America’s eyes to see what abortion for what it is! That there are children that are being murdered every day. About 50 million since 1973! This movie is profound! Go and check it out March 14th!

And this movie is being released the same year that we are having our presidential elections. Issues like abortion is huge this time of the year! God is going to change the hearts of people! Do it God!

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Barrenness 2

I stopped by the IHOP-ATL website this morning and clicked on a blog about waiting on the Lord. As I began to read this it reminded me of the post I wrote a few days ago on barrenness. What this guys has to say is awesome and it really connects with what I was trying to say.

He says:

With this in mind, the place of waiting is also a place of weakness. Many times I will sit with Jesus, but nothing seems to happen. Neither do I hear His voice (the word doesn’t connect with me), nor do I feel Him at all (my emotions are not stirred). I feel very weak in this place of waiting, but each time I sit with Him I believe that He is changing me from the inside out, even when I cannot perceive anything to be happening. But then at a future time, His presence becomes so close, so that all the times of what seemed to be barrenness were worth it when He comes. Thus, whether I can sense His presence or not, I believe that He is changing me from glory to glory as I gaze on Him and sit with Him (2 Cor 3:18).


To read the rest of his blog click on the link on the right side of this screen that is entitled Waiting on the Lord…Barren Prayer.

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Being an intercessory missionary is pretty amazing. But it really challenges your faith and trust in the Lord. I am full time at IHOP-AC but this does not mean that I am paid by IHOP-AC. We are a non-profit organization and we only get money that people give to us. I have to raise my own money to be full time. I became full time in January and I am still seeking the Lord to provide on a monthly basis. I know that eventually I will have people who are funding the prayer movement through me on a monthly basis, but right now I am still gradually getting there. I have one person who funds me monthly and then like two days ago I received two more! God is being so faithful!

Also, my car broke down on Valentine’s day, and I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, but I just drove it to the mechanics and trusted the Lord. (Probably the first time I’ve ever not cried when my car broke down.) And the next night the Lord provided the money to fix my car plus extra!

Then about two days later I received a bill in the mail for something I had no idea I had to pay, and I didn’t trust the Lord. I immediately teared up and worry rose in my heart. But David Gordon, the director of IHOP-AC, reminded me that the Lord is faithful and He will provide. And sure enough a couple days later He provided the money!

I am so blown away by God. He always provides, but there are times when worry still rises in my heart! Help me God!

I just wanted all of you to know how AMAZING our God is! He provides, trust in Him and He will take care of EVERYTHING! Seriously. 🙂

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IHOP-AC is joining TheCall and IHOP-KC in prayer and fasting for 21 days, from Feb. 13th until March 5th. We are praying and crying out to God Joel 2:12-32. And we are also specifically focusing on Isaiah 22:20-22 and Daniel 2:20-22. We are praying for the government of America and the presidential elections. And that America would turn back to God and repent for the injustices that are being done in our land!

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I can describe this week in one word: barrenness. As I have been sitting before God I have been feeling disconnected and disengaged with the Holy Spirit. It really bothers me! I want God. I don’t want to be far from Him. And I was sitting yesterday just trying to pray and press through the wall that seemed to be up. I was journaling about how barren I felt, and the Lord reminded me that even though I feel nothing, I am still pursuing Him. My heart is still for Him and He is ravished! (Song of Sol. 4:9) I am glancing His way, even though I may feel disconnected. Then I prayed, “Even though I feel so barren right now, in all that I am doing let this day count and mean something to You. Even though it seems like I am failing, I pray this would be worth something to You!” And the revelation hit me, “I praise You that You do not love us based off of what we do! I just need to live because You love me! Not live so that You will love me!” So even in the midst of not feeling God, He was teaching me something about Himself. He is so amazing! Barrenness counts to God! When you keep pressing in despite your feelings or situation, it pleases the Father’s heart so much! What an awesome God we serve! I need to keep praying that even during the barren times I would keep giving myself to Him!

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I was in my friend Jenny’s wedding on Feb. 2nd. Carol and I drove down there, and we had sooo much fun! Here are some pictures from the wedding!

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